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Game 79 vs Colorado

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19 minutes ago, captaincanuck12 said:

4-1.  Wow.  4 goals in the 3rd period against Colorado

I almost wish 27 didn't score, give KCON a chance to hit 46 into an empty net!


Connor had an open net and shovelled it through the crease. Had one but could have netted 3 or 4 but for missing the net. Same deal with Wheeler, could have had a hat trick with better hands. But a good effort overall. Playing loose payed off tonight. 

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41 minutes ago, iHeart said:

they're going to the playoffs they can afford to lose

Avs will lose in round 1

Losing going in to the playoffs generally leads to an early exit 

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15 hours ago, iHeart said:

it probably means nothing, bit then again if Scheif goes so do those Save the 100 MPI PSA's with him, it's like when CJ Myles was hawking GoDaddy he traded the same year those ads were circulating

Speaking of ads, why is Matthews hawking BET99?

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