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Game 78 : @ Carolina

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This game was a complete beat down.

Most of the game was in jets end, where they looked disorganised, dazed and confused, uninterested,  helpless, physically weak, and barely belonging  in the same league.

it was like an olympic hockey game, Canada v. Italy.

could the jets beat the moose?

Sad day for hard core fans.

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The difference between the Jets and Moose and I've been to games this year involving both. Took my daughter to see the Moose for her first hockey game,  wasn't sure if she'd like so went with the cheaper option and she loved it so got free tix to the Jets from work and took her again and she loved both (we going again tomorrow cuz no school monday, teachers day) But the biggest difference is the Moose players give a **** defensively and the Jets players look like they don't or don't got a clue. The difference to me is 1. Nhl guys get Paid millions and the ahl guys don't and 2. It has to be defensive coaching, it just has to be. 

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upside to that we would have Buff on the team, downside no Ehlers, Kconn or Helle oh wait we had Helle on the Moose wasn't playing yet, with Pav basically being in the middle of the diagram considering he was having his best season ever....and didn't have a better one after that

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I'll cheer for the Rangers cuz an extra first would be nice. Plus Shesterkin is the best goalie in the league this year

I'll say Colorado chokes in round 1

Calgary wins the west. New York or Carolina the East and the Eastern team wins the cup 

What I'd like to see? Calgary vs Tampa cuz nobody 3 peats anymore 

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