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  1. It was Trump’s organizer Brad Parscale. The media did not create the story, he did. Just because the media reports it does not put it on them when the numbers come out low. It’s on the Trump team. And despite Parscale’s claim that protesters and the media scared away attendees or blocked them from getting in (THAT is the fake news) here is what supposedly really caused the low turnout: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/06/21/style/tiktok-trump-rally-tulsa.amp.html
  2. I have reached the stage where I accept that I am a horrible person for saying this, but I want an outbreak at the convention. I welcome red states having COVID spikes because of their defiance of common sense and safety. Not because it would show up Trump and make him look bad. Anyone who buys his BS will not be swayed, even if they get sick. I want a Repub pandemic because it will lessen their votes and voters in November and give the Dems a fighting chance in what I’m convinced will be a rigged election. And it will rid the world of a portion of the stupid and/or racist population.
  3. This is the USA, and it always has been. Maybe not the majority, but pretty close to it. And it is not any different than it has been, it’s just more overt than ever before and being called out more than ever before. “Ugly American” exists for a reason, and I have very little respect for the entire country any more. Maybe this next election will soften my views, but I’m pretty disgusted with the country as a whole right now (and I do have a number of individual American friends).
  4. It’s no fun to me. If he had no real power, it would be fun to see him squirm and melt down, but given his position it’s a dangerous thing, and honestly at this point I’m convinced it won’t make a lick of difference to his supporters. If after 3.5 years of his behaviour you aren’t convinced that he is a horrible leader and person, nothing will sway you from voting for him. So there is no benefit to watching him burn himself, and his anger could trigger some real world consequences that no one wants to see.
  5. Ian Holm, Who played the robot Ash in Alien, and Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, among many others, age 88. IanIa
  6. Just wait for all the leaks that are coming out. Anything not mentioned does not merit reading anyway, so just sit back and enjoy the sound bites.
  7. This and Trump’s “maybe SCOTUS doesn’t like me” tweet show just how broken and partisan the system is. The judiciary is supposed to be a co-equal branch or government, balancing the executive (President) and legislative (Congress), so they are meant to make rulings and not just bend to the whim of another branch. Also, judges are appointed for life so that they can be impartial and not answer to anyone else, thus keeping their impartiality. But Trump and the GOP figure “we appointed you, now go do our bidding forever regardless of what the law says, you owe us”. The fact that so many judges ha
  8. Hmm, seems like that was already done somewhere. https://www.tsn.ca/stegall-walby-ploen-highlight-cfl2020-s-all-time-blue-bombers-roster-1.1487534
  9. One other thing about the reporter for Sputnik - that organization was directly linked to the Russian hacking efforts to undermine the 2016 U.S. election according to the FBI investigation.
  10. I am at the point where I don't even flinch when Trump engages in this level of idiocy. I just ask "OK, what is he doing illegally behind the scenes today to fill his own pockets that he doesn't want anyone to know about, hence this ridiculous tweet so that we all focus on something shiny instead of the real story?"
  11. He does hockey now. Has been doing NBC broadcasts on the weekends. It’s not at all accurate that he’d be waiting 7 years to do a hockey game. Only if he confines himself to hockey for TSN, which he hasn’t been.
  12. As I said on Twitter, replacing Rod Black with Rod Peterson is like replacing George W. Bush with Donald Trump.
  13. Guess Cuthbert is hitching his wagon to hockey full-time. Maybe he knows something about what will happen to the CFL in the future if they don’t play this year.
  14. https://religionnews.com/2020/06/04/we-all-have-racial-bias-even-cops-attacking-racial-justice-protesters/ After seeing more an more videos, hard to ignore the increasing perception (reality?) that the police culture is so much more than “a few bad apples” or even a product of unconscious systemic racism, and is just at it’s core authoritarian and truly racist. With all the attention on them following George Floyd and with cameras everywhere, I keep seeing images of unprovoked attacks on unarmed, peaceful protestors. Have to face the disappointing and disillusioning truth that they are at
  15. The most galling thing about this post (aside from all of it) is where she says Mattis' comments were "overdue". Like he should have said something long ago. And where was she to speak to these "overdue" comments all this time? Especially when she had the chance at the impeachment to send that "necessary" message herself. Do or Die's point about "never be the first to stop applauding" is bang on here. But on the bright side, Mattis' rebuke of the Donald may have cracked open the floodgates. It was speculated on CNN that him taking that first step (which is much easier for him since he
  16. According to this article, the officer convicted of murder got life, the other 3 each got 30 years (which was the minimum for the firearms offences). https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/apr/13/former-blackwater-guards-sentencing-baghdad-massacre
  17. I always thought BDI would be a great fit there. On a bridge, lots of foot traffic from the Forks, only meant to be open in the summer anyway so no loss of patronage in the cold of winter.
  18. And so they were charged and convicted in an American court. So they were answerable to a court according to the article.
  19. Not according to the article: "In 2014, four Blackwater employees were tried[5] and convicted in U.S. federal court; one of murder, and the other three of manslaughter and firearms charges"
  20. They seem to have patches on their arms. But to answer your question, you could fight back but would get a beatdown, just as you would if you knew they were legit police or of you knew they were not. US has “stand your ground” law (at least on some states) where homicide is justifiable if you feel threat. The bigger question is, do they have the proper authority to effect an arrest? If they are not a legitimate police force, then they have no authority to legally arrest and charge someone. That may not be their goal, though.
  21. Reminded me of a joke I once heard. Stop me if you've heard it: Why did the chicken cross the road?
  22. That's actually a really good out strategy for the protestors. Can say they've been heard with the other 3 arrests, and they see the need for healing and unity that the President does not. Good call.
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