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  1. I would bet that even if he was included, he would fall far short of the most disliked Bomber, if for no other reason than he was here for such a short period and his actions were so inconsequential in the end to the big picture of the club. I can think of a number of coaches, GMs and club executives who would draw more wrath from the fans here.
  2. More than fair enough. Completely respect that. Thank you. This take and the Mervyn Fernandez comments should provide some nice perspective on the “hate” angle.
  3. Don’t be shy. Name names. I remember a story Nick Benjamin told when he joined the Bombers. He was an offensive lineman with Ottawa who was consistently regarded as the dirtiest player in the league amongst his peers. He got traded to the Bombers and actually said he was afraid walking into the locker room to face Ty Jones and James West knowing all the cheap shots he had taken against them in the past, sensing that an offhand “Sorry about trying to take out your knees so many times” might fall flat. He approached them and before he could get a word out beyond “So I just wanted to cl
  4. But who was the worst of the worst? Go one per team if you have to.
  5. Let’s round out the player discussion threads with this topic. Who is your all-time favourite Bomber, and why, and who is your least favourite Bomber, and why?
  6. OK, so the opposite post got going after some initial blow back, but this one should be much easier. Which opposing player did you absolutely hate the most? Can be any reason, personal dislike or professional anger/jealousy. The good player who killed us too often, the dirty player, the disloyal selfish guy, the overall jerk. Have at it, and the most descriptive the vitriol, the better. This is catharsis, people, don’t hold back.
  7. Just remember, Durant’s shenanigans landed us both Adam Bighill and Chris Streveler, so do we hate him or thank him?
  8. Players already got their final pay checks for the regular season I heard. It’s not about money owing, it’s really about the escrow payments built into the CBA. If the league revenues are less than expected the players give back some of their salary per the CBA. Given how much the league would lose on an incomplete season, it is in the players’ best interests to finish the year rather than get hammered on escrow payback (although with no fans in the stands hard to know how much playoff revenue will be lost).
  9. Gee, in hindsight I'm glad I didn't send that post I was thinking of where I said "Shouldn't you be shooing kids off your lawn right now?" in response to one of your anti-Ambrosie rants. That would have been awkward. In all seriousness, we all give and take some (hopefully mostly good-natured) shots as part of this board, but no one should ever be silenced for their opinion if it doesn't violate board rules, or made to feel personally debased for offering an insight. I too enjoy hearing about more than just the last 20 years of Bomber teams.
  10. Like this one. He also was renowned for putting a bird feather in his helmet facemask before games.
  11. Just going to put this back right here since it apparently bears repeating.
  12. Good nickname. Also liked Milt Stegall's handle for Lewis - "butts and guts" since he seemingly carried all 250 lbs of his weight around the middle. Looked like a wine barrel with arms and legs.
  13. What's really ridiculous is how some here go on and on about how terrible Riderfans is because they engage in militant groupthink and ban people who don't fall all over the Riders and want to talk about other teams, yet display the same insecurity here by criticizing a topic that dares go outside the Bomber boundaries. But I digress: BC - Nick Hebeler was a pretty funny guy, Darren Flutie who I first thought was simply riding on his brother's coattails actually had quite a good career playing without Doug throwing to him, Lulay is as tough as they come, respected Pierce and Harris before
  14. Well the #1 movie at the box office this week was Jurassic Park, with Jaws at #2, so maybe we are.
  15. Here is the original story: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/26/us/politics/russia-afghanistan-bounties.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Also read (but have not confirmed the source) that the White House did not release a threat level briefing like that would normally do the same month this report came to them. And since March Trump has invited Putin to a summit meeting and tried to get Russia back in to the G8 after their expulsion years ago.
  16. Pinball Clemons. Every interview he did made you feel better about the world when he was done.
  17. So tonight was supposed to be the Bomber home opener and banner raising. And I was not going to be there because we had planned a trip to Italy of all places to celebrate my youngest’s graduation. Needless to say COVID threw all of that and more out the window. So i am curious what people around here have missed the most, what they have not missed that much, and what they are looking forward to the most when the world gets back to some degree of normal again. For me although I am disappointed that sports are not going on, it isn’t killing me like I thought it would. I will enjoy bein
  18. Calling your podcast "Handled Internally" is some grade-A level shade, right there.
  19. I will fully admit that there is a healthy dose of schadenfreude in me right now, and it is not a good trait to have. And Trump does get jumped on for a lot of things that others would get a pass on. But then I see that he has really dug his own grave here. Constantly boasting, lying, manipulating, he is the true boy who cried wolf, so no one will believe anything he says which may be true at this point if they don’t like him. He picked a fight with the media the day he first screamed “fake news” in his press briefing, and you never win in a pissing contest with them. They will always get the
  20. Some see the glass as half full. Some see the glass as half empty. I see a Trump rally in a Tulsa arena.
  21. While I’m on the task of posting stories and videos, could someone tell me how you can copy a twitter feed on to this site. I cannot seem to do it (I am definitely NOT as tech savvy as those tiktok kids).
  22. Here is a second video of him getting off Air Force One and on to Marine One. Just going to note that if Obama gave a dismissive salute to one marine (Getting off the plane) and then walked past a second one (when boarding the chopper) without saluting, Fox would have excoriated him over “not being Presidential”. And just for comparison, here is a time Obama did forget to salute while boarding an aircraft:
  23. https://www.google.com/amp/s/crooksandliars.com/2020/06/trumps-walk-shame/amp
  24. It was Trump’s organizer Brad Parscale. The media did not create the story, he did. Just because the media reports it does not put it on them when the numbers come out low. It’s on the Trump team. And despite Parscale’s claim that protesters and the media scared away attendees or blocked them from getting in (THAT is the fake news) here is what supposedly really caused the low turnout: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/06/21/style/tiktok-trump-rally-tulsa.amp.html
  25. I have reached the stage where I accept that I am a horrible person for saying this, but I want an outbreak at the convention. I welcome red states having COVID spikes because of their defiance of common sense and safety. Not because it would show up Trump and make him look bad. Anyone who buys his BS will not be swayed, even if they get sick. I want a Repub pandemic because it will lessen their votes and voters in November and give the Dems a fighting chance in what I’m convinced will be a rigged election. And it will rid the world of a portion of the stupid and/or racist population.
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