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  1. And I was just noticing that the "me" is there only if you read it backwards (apply backwards thinking) and acknowledge that the letters are on either side of the A (embracing the a-hole, as it were). Does that literal deconstruction of the wordplay without the subliminal subtext satisfy you, or is there another double entendre you would like to break down to remove any humour and larger point from?
  2. Don't you love it when fans on an internet board know better than the head coach about player deployment? FWIW, here's Paul Maurice (of 700+ NHL wins fame) and his thoughts on fan input (go to 1:22 left in the video). https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/hours-paul-maurice-reaching-700-wins-nhl-head-coach/
  3. If you are prepared to think backwards and embrace the a-hole.
  4. Next curiosity - when the CFLPA all-star team comes out, do Harris’s peers vote him in or not? There have been some vocal critics who have thrown shade from the players’ side.
  5. So Andrew Harris got voted in as an all-star at running back. This would suggest that the media outside of Winnipeg would not have had the moral quandary of voting for him as outstanding player or Canadian that the 3 media members in the city did. curious if Wyman, Hamilton and Bauming did or did not vote for Harris for the all-star team. Not sure how they could given their prior position.
  6. Also known as Don Draper from Mad Men.
  7. So ahead of the team nominees announcements this week, any thoughts as to who you would choose, and who should advance and win? My picks: MOP BC - Bryan Burnham, Cal - Reggie Begelton, Edm - Trevor Harris (even with 5 games missed), Sask - Cody Fajardo, Wpg - Andrew Harris (will get through the Winnipeg vote despite the suspension) Ham - Brandon Banks, Tor - McLeod Bethel-Thompson edges out S.J. Green, Ott - Dominique Rhymes, Mtl - Vernon Adams Jr. Fajardo (sorry 17to85, he will get it) vs. Banks in the finals, Banks takes the prize MODP BC - Garry Peters, Cal - Tre Roberson, Edm - Vontae Diggs, Sask - Charleston Hughes, Wpg - Willie Jefferson (although Winston Rose would be a decent candidate in other years) Ham - Simoni Lawrence (although Ja'Gared Davis is a strong candidate too), Tor - Abdul Kanneh, Ott - Anthony Cioffi, Mtl - John Bowman (lifetime achievement award) Whomever of Roberson, Hughes and Jefferson (my choice by a hair) comes out of the west beats Lawrence in the final vote MOC BC - Lemar Durant, Cal - Cory Greenwood, Edm - Kwaku Boateng, Sask - Cameron Judge, Wpg - Andrew Harris Ham - Ted Laurent (name recognition over Tunde Adeleke's stats), Tor - Cleyon Laing, Ott - Brad Sinopoli (despite a really down year), Mtl - Henoc Muamba If Harris survives the PED vote of conscience, he is a lock to win. If not Judge vs. Laing (barely over Muamba) and give it to the 'Rider. MOOL How the hell should I know? It won't be a Lion, that's for sure. Bombers are probably in good given their rushing dominance. MOR I'll defer to 3downnation and their assessment: https://3downnation.com/2019/10/18/each-teams-top-three-candidates-for-most-outstanding-rookie/ I think Lawler may edge out Exume for the Bombers given his late season success, but the finals is likely Holley of Calgary vs. Acklin of Hamilton. Unless the Stamps finish 3rd in the west, I see Holley being the vote. MOST BC - Sergio Castillo, Edm - Sean Whyte, Cal - Terry Williams, Sask - Jon Ryan, Wpg - Janarion Grant Ham - Frankie Williams, Tor - Chris Rainey, Ott - Richie Leone, Mtl - Boris Bede Grant was the best for the time he played, but with only 11 games and few kick returns, I sense he will not make the final cut. It will be Williams vs. Williams with Frankie taking the win (and shout out to Chris Rainey for a strong 3rd place finish)
  8. I reiterate what I said in my opening post in this thread. And “bench” was precisely the word I intended to use.
  9. When exactly did Medlock look uncomfortable?
  10. Nichols is a free agent this off season and the trade deadline passed already, so even objectively that statement lacks intelligence. And after what we’ve seen on the field, if you think Streveler is still a better option than Nichols, then subjectively this statement is dumb too.
  11. Yeah, we have to fire O’Shea. Can’t say what I want to, but it rhymes with yuck foo.
  12. Long snapper Couture got knocked over while defenceless on the concert snap. Another missed penalty.
  13. Rule #1, when you have a teenage daughter, don’t count on getting anywhere early.
  14. I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure the guy with 6 boxes under his arms will have a few of them up on eBay tomorrow for $40 each.
  15. Sorry to say they were sold out at my gate when I arrived 15 minutes before the game. But some people had 4 or 5, so I’m sure someone has an extra somewhere.
  16. You know, it's not a foregone conclusion that the second he gets touched he WILL get another concussion. Hopefully no one decides to target his head just to increase the likelihood of knocking him out of the game.
  17. Funny, I was at the 2 wins and none of the other games in that span. In fact, I'm on a 7-0-1 streak (9-0-1 if you count road games). Anyone want to fund my season tickets? I could guarantee a Stanley Cup win!
  18. I'll see what I can do. I'm in line to collect 3 or 4 tonight and I don't think my companions will want them.
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