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  1. Any time the first offer is snapped up without a back and forth negotiation, it's one of two things: 1) the buyer is desperate, shows their hand that they are desperate and is overpaying, or 2) the seller has undervalued their product and/or shown their ignorance of the market demand, and showed their hand by making the first offer without assessing either of those factors. Any good negotiation will avoid these two pitfalls, and often a low ball/high ball back and forth will offer some insight into some of the unknown questions like "How desperate is the other side/who else is my competition/w
  2. That's not anybody's way. Have you ever negotiated a contract with someone? It doesn't work like a Mr. Burns bet on softball: Rich Man: Would you care to bet a million dollars. Mr. Burns: Oh, if we're going to bet, why not make it interesting? Rich Man: What, a million dollars isn't interesting to you? Mr. Burns: Oh, did you say a million? I'm sorry, my mind was elsewhere. I thought you'd start with a small amount, then we'd slowly bait each other, and . . . well, you know how it goes. Yes, certainly, a million will be fine.
  3. Maybe not (if I can speak for him), but in the same breath he also shorted McManus' time in BC, and Dunigan's time in Toronto, as well as the greatest player of all time, Doug Flutie, going from BC to Calgary to Toronto, so his point about following the money stands. And no one can argue that Flutie wasn't the elite of the elite, so even his greatness did not result in his team ponying up the cash to keep him, so degrading Allen on that basis does not really stand as absolute proof as bearpants would suggest.
  4. Hope Chevy is prepping now for Hellebuyck’s next contract. Even at 4 years away, that will be some cap hit if he re-ups.
  5. Interesting article on the psychology of the mask debate and why each side may be so entrenched. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/07/role-cognitive-dissonance-pandemic/614074/?fbclid=IwAR1_6eFdSBC4yMfMhKd-3ZK9t97-sx68Zq2u-EQmJrxa04f8dxe4cMKXG2U
  6. So 2 days of over 900 deaths and they hit 140,000 today, a day earlier than my last projection. I guess it’s not as under control as suggested.
  7. Laine? Offer DeMelo a new deal? Extend Pionk?
  8. Some raw data to chew on, courtesy of worldometers.com: USA cases - Jan. 21 - first case Apr. 10 - 500,000 (80 days) Apr. 27 - 1,000,000 (17 days) (97 days for first 1,000,000) May 16 - 1,500,000 (19 days) Jun. 7 - 2,000,000 (22 days) (41 days for next 1,000,000) Jun 25 - 2,500,000 (18 days) Jul. 6 - 3,000,000 (11 days) (29 days for next 1,000,000) Jul. 14 - 3,500,000 (8 days) (on pace for 16 days for next 1,000,000 based on the last 7 days average) USA deaths - Feb. 29 - first death Apr. 4 - 10,000 (35 days) Apr. 9 - 20,0
  9. You know, it would be nice if just once everyone who gets so offended by a team nickname that they fill pages with outrage on social media devoted the same vitriol and energy to speaking out (or helping fix the problem) against the rates of poverty, lack of clean drinking water, and no road access to many northern reserves.
  10. Because it is a fake.
  11. The words are facing the tower so that when Trump looks down from his penthouse he can see the words upright and not upside down. Although of you believe the rumour that he is illiterate, right side up vs. upside down really won’t make a difference to him. Either way, this is more about taking a shot at him rather than sending the over arching message about black equality.
  12. Careful throwing around the "stupid" label. That is unnecessary in my view. We are allowed to express opinions and should not be slagged if it differs for another's. There are people who believe in vaccination, but some who don't. Should we automatically change polio and measles protocols for kids because some are offended by vaccinations? That could be a parallel to your position. (I exaggerate of course, but the way to win that argument is to back up the scientific evidence pro and con in the vaccine discussion, rather than throwing out the "stupid take" vitriol as a fact when it amounts to
  13. The bolded part is an open question I have. Who really are the "many who seem to think" that the name is offensive? I hear a lot of social justice warriors (Troy Westwood springs to mind) claim that the name is offensive to many, but have the actual potentially offended group actually been asked? Here is what Jordan Tootoo, Inuit NHL player, had to say, and it's a lot more eloquent and thought out than most people on either side of the debate who have taken a hard stand have presented: My position is this. We should all understand what the term means to the Inuk people. M
  14. All I said was Dunigan was not in my conversation of all-time best of the best QBs . Speed's rebuttal was to highlight one game. He was more than a one game wonder, less than the all-time top tier in my view.
  15. It was next to the Steinbach Credit Union at McGillivray and Kenaston, in the same block as the Canadian Tire. Went once, was very underwhelmed. Montana`s was way better, if I was to vote on it.
  16. Oh please. Alfred Jackson once had 308 receiving yards in a game. Fred Reid had 260 rushing yards. Sean Salisbury once threw for 454 yards and 6 TDs in a game. Danny Barrett hit 601 passing. David Archer and Kent Austin each had a season of over 6,000 yards passing. Would you put any of them in the "best of the best" category? One big game (or season) does not make an all-time elite.
  17. I would not actually put Dunigan in that conversation of “best of the best”.
  18. https://www.cnn.com/style/article/ennio-morricone-death-intl-scli-style/index.html https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=bBixD-rTB_c&list=OLAK5uy_lw1v47HUiVD2huZiRBY2OyxOr-aPl0ipY
  19. Hopefully, no one who reads the facts of his suffering hopefully will ever again argue (A) that COVID is just another flu, or (B) recovery = all turned out well. I know of a local dancer who “recovered” but had her leg amputated after suffering blood clots due to her COVID illness, but did not die. Hardly the “she’s all better” that most would equate with “recovery”.
  20. They should just get rid of anthems before games.
  21. Favourite - I feel personally that this one gets locked in wheN you are young and impressionable and “hero worship” these players. So while I loved that Willard Reaves was so good and gave those footballs to the kids in wheelchairs after he scored, for me it will always be Tom Clements. Super smart, not graced with superpower ability but a massive football IQ, quiet, humble, winner. Plus loved his crack when he came back for his Bomber Hall fo Fame induction “Thanks for the beautiful framed jersey, now I can return the one I stole from the locker room on my way out when I retired”. Close secon
  22. BC - Don Matthews, such a sour man. I remember he got a shiner from taking a racquetball to the face one time, and the TSN commentators had to go out of their way to let people know that this was a pure accident, and no he did NOT get punched during a barroom disagreement like some had speculated. Kinda says something about the guy that this would be an expected assumption for many viewers, and required the media to stress that he did not get a whooping. Edmonton - Jason Maas. The ears, the attitude, the whininess, the phony "future considerations" trade with Hamilton that gifted the Esks
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