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  1. Bought my tickets! TSN is gonna be terrible with their storylines
  2. why the hell do we always do a 1-3 yard throw on second and long
  3. Bet we get Dunigan/That usports football guy
  4. TSN hyped him up way too much last year. It's not hard to get 5000 yards passing when you play Toronto and Montreal 7+ times a year
  5. poetic justice for 2007. Just gotta follow through now
  6. so at what point do we fire Richie Hall? We might as well not have a secondary...
  7. Just rewatched the game on TSN. Kinda sucks how they muted the audio - didn't sound all that loud on TV.
  8. I definitely hate the existing system. Often I'll see news and want to see discussion about it. There's no way I'm wading through 100 pages of discussions to find the discussion on that news. Often the conversation will have moved on by then and there's no way to actually discuss it. I've pretty much stopped posting here because of it.
  9. Actually, it's rumoured to be a partnership between True North and the Bombers. That would definitely reduce the financial risk to the Bombers. I'm excited to see if there are any deals to be had by having both Bomber and CPL season tickets.
  10. need to drop Richie Hall, but this year was great progress. Looking forward to next year.
  11. That game was really fun. I genuinely enjoyed myself
  12. Wow, CFL scheduled a couple of snoozers today. Kind of a downer really - I was ready to sit and watch 6 hours of football, but this stuff is barely watchable.
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