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  1. I vote for punt and kick return. The last time we had a good returner was … 19-something?
  2. Agree with the opinion that Augustine and Oliveira should basically split reps, and go with whoever is rolling. Totally supported not paying a 35 year old Harris big $, but full respect - you can really see the difference. He is a hall of famer, our current RB's likely won't be. But we need at least 75% of the total production Harris gave us from our two RB's, and for defenses to at least respect our run game a bit.
  3. I also trust the Buck's play calling. Using two young RB's, keeping them fresh, some screens, play actions ... Harris was a player that other D's had to key on, which opened some other things up, so we will miss that. But overall we'll be fine.
  4. And Chris Jones thinks really highly of himself if he honestly believes he can just plop players in different positions in pro football. Yes, it kind of worked with Duron Carter, but not really. Disrespectful. And yeah, Simoni Lawrence, Bighill, Moncrief would love to have a word about that.
  5. Probably his last real chance in the NFL this time. He has had some injuries in NFL camps before unfortunately, but NFL interest dries up at some point. I hope for his sake he makes it. If not, I hope for our sake he comes back and becomes a long term CFL impact player for the Bombers.
  6. Interesting to get some context on the negotiations from the Friesen article. But, at the end of the day in pro football (NFL and CFL), old RB's are not considered a good investment in a salary cap world. In the NFL prime RB's (like Dalvin Cook) aren't even valued as highly as other position groups. It's the age where teams want to find cheaper options at RB, because there's always a supply of talent available. That's what Walters did. Augustine and Oliviera are cheaper, younger options. I love Harris, but support this decision 100%.
  7. Apologies if this was posted already, but Stove signed with BC. Kind of thought he was gone. Too bad. https://www.cfl.ca/2022/02/08/d-line-depth-lions-add-betts-richardson/
  8. Bit of a chirp coming from Willie J! Dude, we re-signed most of the key players from our championship core! Chill.
  9. Seems like a very non Chris Jones move - overpaying for a player not in the most critical positional value. He always struck me as a guy who finds and develops new talent. As has been said, love Lawler, would not pay $300K for him.
  10. Agree that Streveler might be the long game. I think losing McGuire good be a gain rather than a loss. Don't think he had it as a legit CFL QB, even back up. I think there's better options.
  11. I would. Maybe he takes a bit less to be on a back-to-back champion, excellent culture team. Where else is he going to go?
  12. We really should have a back up QB with CFL experience. Really risky going with with just ZC.
  13. My concern with Maston is he's coming off of a torn achilles tendon (if I remember correctly). No guarantees he's the same player. Hope he is.
  14. Overall I'm good with how we did in free agency. Re-signed most of our key players. Kicker and back up QB still an issue.
  15. Props to Buck Pierce as well. First season as OC. Really utilized all of the talent on offense, and made great adjustments at halftime in the Grey Cup.
  16. Really hope this isn’t the “Jeremiah Masoli game”. Worried. Always thought he was more dangerous than Evans. Go Blue!!!!
  17. Bottom line is Kyle Walters is a smart GM. He's playing chess, while most are playing checkers. If Mourtada turns it around, great. But, he's not sitting on his hands doing nothing while he waits for that slim possibility. I guarantee there are plans afoot (get it?) for another kicker or two to come to Winnipeg if Mourtada continues to struggle. Kyle and Wade are not going to flush an almost certain Grey Cup victory this season because of bad kicking. O'Shea is doing O'Shea - publicly loyal to players. That's his thing. But Kyle makes personnel decisions. Remember Drew Willy?
  18. Former Bombers kicker Justin Palardy is a bit salty, but he's not wrong. Plus, he says he knows some available Canadian kickers. Like Brian Hope from Saint Mary's USports. Bring Hope in, try him out. Can't hurt.
  19. Right. Which is a long way of saying, he's not a CFL caliber kicker. Pro kicking is pretty black and white - can you hit 75 - 80% of field goals in actual games? If not, time to find someone else. Bad kicking will cost us a game. Hopefully not the Western final.
  20. https://3downnation.com/2021/10/12/why-the-blue-bombers-sticking-with-embattled-kicker-ali-mourtada/ Is this code for "we can't find any other better available options at present"?
  21. Dan Bailey, Kai Forbath ... - worth Kyle Walters asking about them. They've made their NFL money. Maybe they'd come up for less than half a CFL season and a Grey Cup ring? Or after we beat Edmonton this week, make a deal to save Sean Whyte from the Elks implosion. I'm going to be freaking out if we go into the Western Final with Mourtada or Leggio as our kicker.
  22. Exactly! I wouldn't start my negotiations offering a first round pick, but if that's what it takes to get a quality kicker, sign me up. There is no team that can beat the Bombers when they are playing their best. But like Booch says, let's say because of the weather, luck, we need one field goal to win the west final. As it stands now, we lose. We blow probably the best chance I've seen for a Bomber team to win another Grey Cup because of a kicker. Plus, it's pick 8 or 9 in the first round of the CFL draft. At best it's a starting guard a couple of seasons down the road. Versus winning a Grey Cup?! Honestly, if Walters does nothing to address the kicker, it's a huge mistake with a team this good.
  23. I've never seen a player like Streveler. On paper, statistically, if you didn't know the Bombers, didn't do much. But as a Bomber fan, his on field impact, what he brought to the team, how badly he wanted to win - absolutely legendary, and such a key part of the Grey Cup season. I've said it before, one of the best football players (not QB) I've ever seen. Every player, coach, fan would love to have him on their team.
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