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  2. Ottawa is just a bad football team.
  3. Did Suitor just say first place on the line on Labour Day???? Ummmm 8-2 vs 6-3...
  4. This is what she reminds me of.
  5. What a bunch of douchers..keep mugging it up your run against the crap teams is over today.. See how they fare against another real defense and well rounded team..that loss against CGY wasnt sn anomaly
  6. Isn't it going to be fun hearing CC and Suitor slurping the Riders all game next week
  7. The 7-11 guy turns Raj's hatred of dumb white guys into a terrorist calling & he joins ISIS. Stealing his lunch & mocking him was the final straw.
  8. Can't wait until the riders play ths good western teams. Time to end their smoke and mirrors bullshit.
  9. Yeah she needs a new job...gawd awful sideline stuff...
  10. Clare Hanna literally made me change the channel twice
  11. Don't know where else to put this buuut... https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/08/colts-andrew-luck-retires-in-all-time-nfl-stunner-why-is-he-calling-it-quits-now.html
  12. Ottawa is winning this game 18-15 right now if Dom doesnt give them a 17pt lead.
  13. What time does the game start in Hamilton? Like 10 pm?
  14. Is this finally the end of the road for Davis? Gawd, I hope so. Million dollar body. Ten cent head.
  15. Yeah...Raj is justified in whatever action he takes
  16. We will see how Fajardo does throwing around the ceiling high hands and arms of our giant DEs.
  17. So off topic, does Raj take the 7-11 Guy to hr and get him fired for constantly stealing his lunch or does he snap one day and just take him out with a chair? I need a follow up commercial.
  18. Today
  19. I did but I think I got away with it. Ok...so that's a prawn Goebbels, a Hermann Goering and four Colditz salads?
  20. Terrible time to whiff on the sack. Cost them any chance of getting back into the game.
  21. Fajardo looks competent and does make quick reads. Very good at quick slants. Everything else is meh.
  22. Nothing about what I see worries me...and put even a little pressure on Fitado and their offence wilts..they yammer on about our dink and dunk but that's their offence in a nut shell It plays right into our defensive strengths..I can see them not putting it in endzone against us And what a doucher that 21 is..act like a pro. He took 2 sucker punches at red blacks..and very poor coaching by dickenson now continuing with Purifoy on returns..he gets hurt doing that they are screwed
  23. Actually Lawler was supposed to go to the endzone marker I think..he adjusted his route and cut in which for that play makes no sense
  24. The Jennings deep ball was nice
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