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  3. WTF is Ambrosie doing? What a useless Commissioner.
  4. He was run out of here a few days ago.
  5. To be fair, the stock has risen with that Franchise. Went from this To This: The Wenthalls...they gotta pay...
  6. Well that's a shame... But good for him.
  7. Insert "surprised- no, not surprised GIF" Seriously- 85% of this board knew that is exacrly what was goong to happpen... never mind a mid 6 figure salaried general manager... FFS, even 12% of the riders board knew it was going to shake down like that.
  8. The problem the trump chumps have, including Rudy and Barr and Nunes and others, is they are so deeply implicated in treasonous collusion that they have to keep pushing the conspiracies and gaslighting or risk going to jail themselves.
  9. Rather like the downfield blocking, as well....
  10. One of the studios will budge.... no reason to split the same fan base on two movies on the same weekend. That being said head to head Matrix 4 easily wins out for the one to see in the theater first.
  11. Moving forward even with Streveler.... guys like Lawler and Bailey will *help* him by actually making plays and going for the ball rather then running lazy routes. I actually have faith in these guys on those 50/50 throws.
  12. The Friesen article really hammers in how much respect the players do have for O'Shea. I wouldn't be opposed for them to sign him to a big contract for 5+ years.
  13. Russians just paid this dude $1,000,000... for what? Ooooh Rudy who are these people you are hanging with? You can't soar like an Eagle, Rudy- if you hang with Turkeys.
  14. Anyone still need Christmas cards this season?
  15. and the response... Idiots, the lot of them:
  16. Yeah, Strev was the defacto starter and the team trades for his replacement. Does he sulk? Nope, he went out and literally busts his... foot. Then, he plays Clyde to Zach's Bonnie and they roll through playoffs together like a couple on a crime spree. Absolute carnage in their wake.
  17. All aboard the Big Chris bandwagon .....toot toot !!!
  18. That’s assuming he becomes the superstar qb everybody wants him to be.
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