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  2. Captain Obvious states losing Chiarot, Myers, Trouba and Buff is really showing it's impact after 8 games. Is that enough games now for Chevy to hit the 'I need to do something else now' button that is above and beyond waiting for our young guns to develop?
  3. You might want to re watch the game, or maybe it was a completely different game you were watching. In the First half, Steveler had 1 dropped pass in the red zone, one int. Which was a 50/50 ball the rec basically gave up on and a TD pass. In the 2nd half he had one pass attempt in the red zone and it was a throw away after the pocket collapsed and he had to roll out and no one got open. In the 4th everytime they got close to the redzone all they did was run. I'm not saying he lit it up, but he certainly wasnt horrible.
  4. only recently when they have been marginally successful...when they aren't...the support was laughable...quit cherry picking things and base things on a whole...over the course of the franchise...
  5. Rider fans started calling themselves the loudest fans in the league without cause, Bombers simply showed them how inferior they are. Act like jackasses, get called on it. ANd like I said, the bandwagon is full to bursting. Probably got a bunch of 14 year olds waxing poetic about how awful it was sitting in the stands during the Al Ford days, or how great Bobby Jurasin was and what a treat it was to watch him live!
  6. Im speaking more of competitive matches and angles on TV where traditionally tv was used to sell live events and PPV They both ripped off ECW. And Bisch certainly was a great salesman but I wouldn’t downplay his contributions. I’d they were so simple then wwe wouldn’t have been near bankruptcy. Bisch’s luck in landing Hogan and Savage and Flair is Vince deciding those guys were no longer useful. He was wrong. Eric took a gamble and was correct. Part of his problem was being committed to them beyond their best before dates.
  7. That was in the redzone, I know people like to use 20 or 25 yard throws as deep but I'm talking about something not into the endzone here.
  8. So its ok for Bombers organization to toot their own horn but bad for the Riders fans to do it? Weird Bandwagon? Riders have lead the league in home and away attendance and TV ratings for years.
  9. Not sure this equals votes. It's nice on your resume tho. Trump doing same for Scheer? Cringe.
  10. What a coincidence, seriously what are the chances that the Riders would introduce a big chain to put around the neck of players who make big plays that the Bombers would later do the same and then claim theyve been doing it all year. LOL
  11. That sign is there is remind rider fans that they are not the best fans like they think. And more people on the rider bandwagon? Yeah lots of bandwagon jumpers in Saskatchewan I agree, it's a big part of what makes the fanbase garbage in human suits.
  12. So wouldn't it better and more productive if you posted it on riderfans ?
  13. I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President. He's a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change. The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term. — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 16, 2019
  14. No no see, there is a difference. They need to know what I think of them, I don't care what they think of me of Bomber fans.
  15. That sign is at the field.....where the players play and the fans go to watch. Perfect place for it.
  16. I agree that Riders fans like to toot their own horn. Kinda like that big sign at IG Field saying Bombers fans are the loudest in the CFL? Face it, Riders fans and Bombers fans are one and the same, there are just alot more Riders fans.
  17. Today
  18. More on the list... I don't think Rempel finished the game last week and I haven't been through the game day thread to see if it was mentioned.
  19. I just found it funny you opened it to complain. And I dunno....the thread titles are pretty accurate as to the content in them.
  20. Hope it's a maintenance day for Miller, beast on ST, more important than some people think.
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