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Around the League: 2019 Off Season


For minor off-season non-Bomber CFL news.  Any significant stories or news that is likely to generate significant discussion may have its own thread created. General Bomber news can be found here.

Message added by Rich

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10 hours ago, bearpants said:

He’s a friend of mine... he was alive when Zorn played here, albeit not old enough to remember him play... the story behind the jersey is his family actually made friends with the Zorns in their short time here and still keep in touch to this day...

What a great story, thanks for sharing it!

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Further on CFL CBA ... the crux of the matter that almost caused a strike on eve of training camp: CFL and CFLPA agreed the ratio of starters would go from 7 to 10 but three of those could be veteran Americans (3 years with team or 4 in CFL) who would count as Canadians. League insisted those 3 veteran Americans would count as Canadians towards the starting ratio and the roster. CFLPA insisted they were to only count towards the starting ratio not the roster. If applied to roster, would have likely eliminated bottom 3 Canadians on each team. Players got their way so that the three Americans (3 years with same team or 4 in CFL) will apply only to ratio of 10 starters and not roster of 21 Canadians. That apparently is now clearly stated in memorandum of agreement between CFL and CFLPA

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