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Superbowl LII


who will win this one  

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  1. 1. Who Will Win

    • Eagles
    • Referees er...Patriots

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I don't care for Timberlake at all really, I mean it would be interesting if Janet Jackson would suddenly appear or Nsync even other than that I kind of find him dull, they should get someone better next year


oh wait I forgot they said something about a Prince Hologram

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The superbowl half time that I thought was by far the best was Prince.

Timberlake is dull.

can't really dance,  can't sing that well, and not much personality. 

netflix has a video doc of one of his shows, I was surprised how ordinary he is.

I miss Prince, stupid drug od.


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I thought Timberlake was good,  the set pieces though was dull and this will be a forgettable half time show.  

Watching the first half... Eagles receivers and rbs are really laying it all out on the field.    Win/Lose they definitely put in a full effort.  

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