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  1. Since I seldom post, Merry Christmas everyone! Gotta say, opening four different pieces of 2019 BOMBER GREY CUP CHAMPIONS gifts has been a life long dream of mine.
  2. The drought is over. It's finally over... This is the best night of my life!!! #2019
  3. Guys, this is gonna be the longest three minutes of my 23 years on this planet, in this great country, in the best province. GO BLUE!!!
  4. I have no idea how old many of you posters are, I've never seen a cup in my lifetime ('96), and the adrenaline is just flowing. I am so excited. It's been a long eight years since 2011. My grandpa who passed 2015 would have been watching the game with me tonight is definitely here with me right now. I feel so much energy. FOR THE W!!!
  5. Funny story, I do maintenance for the hospital in a town outside Brandon and my supervisor was done on Friday, and the other guy done the Friday before. 60 years experience to 1. I wanted tomorrow off so bad, if the Bombers had won I'd be double barreling wine tonight but work won't allow that lol. I got In The Air Tonight on repeat I'm just so hyped up.
  6. I haven't eaten anything greasy or sweet in three weeks during this cut, so yesterday it was pizza and monster cookies. Had leftovers for breakfast and went and did lower body day with deadlifts. The adrenaline is flowing in my 23 year old veins. I am pumped boys. LET'S ****ING GO!
  7. Went to Calgary to visit friends for the first time this year, and turns out friend Maggie works there. I'll tell her to give all Bomber fans a discount if she can! Was there when the Bombers beat the Stamps 26-24, I've never been in opposing territory and man did that victory feel good.
  8. Let me guess, El Guapo? I absolutely loved and got chills watching Harris run out at the start of the game with the flag, and then again at the end of the game. That pure Manitoba pride that drives in my blood. On another note, after seeing Biggie wearing those shorts, I told him to come to Peak Performance in Brandon for a lower body day with me to which he agreed!
  9. AND THE WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS ARE HEADED TO THE GREY CUP!!! I wonder how they're doing over at Rider Fans especially that El Guapo goof.
  10. How was that not roughing the passer? Ref is looking right at him.
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