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  2. Stats wise you didnt have the best..you lead in a few categories but stamps and bombers led in more..and gave up leaa points..that says to me better defense.. only is sask is it considered the best..granted it scored al lot of TDs.. but that wont happen again
  3. Riders have nothing but third-string quarterbacks for the second year in a row now.
  4. The big question - can Harker dink and dunk? Otherwise, he could be a bad fit....
  5. Well if they didn't, someone should. I think Harker gets a few shots here these next few weeks, but he should be looking over his shoulder.
  6. If Calgary isn’t a top team this year we’ll find out pretty quickly if their fans care or not. For cities that only support winners, see Alouettes, Montreal. You still had the ninth-best OC in the league calling the game, so no.
  7. Even though Ottawa won yesterday, I don't buy them at number 3. I'd bump em down to 5
  8. Yup. Not good for the league. Edm, Calgary, Sask, Winnipeg are the only places where anyone cares. and I'm not so sure about Calgary
  9. Yeah, was having flashbacks to the Hamilton game last year.
  10. Yeah Whitehead was overthrown by a hair or he likely runs in a touchdown. And watch the replay of the big return Nelson had... Exume was oh so close to getting the block that would have sprung a possible touchdown too.
  11. You don't suspect us having our third string qb in there might have been a factor in the loss?
  12. 18k in the stands on a Saturday night season opener is not good.
  13. Either way, you gotta say the QBs underthrow was the primary cause.
  14. Well u all over there say Powell is the best..and you guys have the best running backs.. so shouldn't u guys have won then too? Reilly had 100 yards on 2 busted plays in first half too..after that he disnt do much in 2nd half..barely over 100 yards..so picked apart is quite the stretch If your run game is working..u use it to death..btw..how many scores did Harria get..oh yeah none but Nichols tossed 3 tds..shows me a balance well greased offence as opposed to your pea shooter high school one..good luck getting 5 wins with that
  15. The ball wasn't a super pass and was behind receiver. He reached back so I thought he deflected it into the db and then it bounced up.. Either way it was bit behind
  16. I certainly am not a believer in them or at least not at the moment. But I certainly wonder where Davis all the sudden got enough confidence to pull the trigger. I mean interceptions aside at least those are risks he's taking. I just never saw him play with that aggressive mentality when he was here.
  17. Crazy stat: Bombers won Time of Possession by 10 minutes.
  18. Reilly getting benefit of the doubt from receiver drops... but if Whitehead and Nichols are on the same page - that's two huge gains... I expect Nichols to hit 300 yards against EDM
  19. Some interesting logic on the board today... Not sure who forced Reilly to throw deep on the first drive... We bash Trevor Harris for 500 yards and 3 TDs but he 'can't get it done when it counts' while Reilly throws 300+ yards with 2 INTS and he 'did all he could'...
  20. Nichols was hands down better than Reilly last night. I said to Noeller right after the game that it was the best game Nichols has played in 2 years. I don't care that he had low yardage, he didn't need to put up big yards. He made the throws he had to, extended plays and was efficient in the redzone. Got help from the run game and just played efficiently. Reilly meanwhile just chucked bombs hoping for the best
  21. If a receiver tips the ball, different story and probably not on the QB. But that ball was tipped by a DB.
  22. Our defence gave up a ton of passing yards and yet only about 10-15 of those yards wound up being a touchdown. Their defence gave up few passing yards and yet those few yards accounted for four touchdowns (yes, I’m counting the Strev one since that ball was on the one yard line thanks to the Woli catch). Where the yards happen on the field matters.
  23. Except the Lions were not in a situation where they had to abandon the run until very deep into the 4th Reilly got his one TD on a busted coverage, and basically 1/3 of his yards on 2 misplays by our secondary. He doesn't call the plays but this has been his MO for a couple of years, he is inaccurate in the intermediate passing game, which is why he only completed 53% of his throws He constantly threw into double coverage as well. You are propping up his performance based on 324 yards on 40 passes but that is not a huge number and one TD off a bad read by Fenner leaving Durant wide open. It is also clear that after nearly a decade of taking a beating that Reilly isn't in love with running for yards much any more. The name on the back of the uniform is skewing how you view the performance.
  24. First, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, it’s a solid post. However, Reilly is known for throwing deep, thus the game plan would be designed that way. The OC will call more deep plays because that’s what his QB prefers. There no point in suggesting otherwise, it’s what Reilly led offences have always done. I would say both secondaries had coverage busts, with the Bombers giving up several explosion plays. You mentioned the running game - I think that was the difference - 150 yards compared to almost zero.
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