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  3. I don't know, maybe Matt shouldn't be surprised that #66 allowed the backside DE to waltz around him and blindside him as it 's such a regular occurrence and happens almost every game. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/08/15/matt-nichols-leaves-game-with-shoulder-injury/
  4. That's Antoine Pruneau's opinion. I question motives when a player takes something that should be kept internal, public.
  5. crazy talk, right? lol... you'd think the way that TBurguss was talking that Nichols took an undefeated team into a game where they lost their starting QB and was replaced by a guy that few knew and had thrown as many INTs as he had TDs in his career, wasn't able to move his team or get in the endzone for 3/4 of a game and then Nichols would go on to throw 3 INTs in a losing effort... oh wait... nevermind... move along, nothing to see here...
  6. Whom ever the bomber sign as QB he will never see the field. Streveler can throw and he can certainly run. Patience will be a key for him. McGuire can play as well. I like his ability to throw as well perhaps a little better than Streveler and he can also run. My concern is two fold: will Lapo become too predictable a just try to run, on which case we will go nowhere and the other is how many reps will they both receive before game day. I dare say McGiver has had very few to date so he needs a lot of reps as does Streveler. IF our coaches can coach these guys we will be fine
  7. Wonder who the emergency QB3 is for the game this week? (hoping I don't learn the answer to this question obvs)
  8. Whoaaaaaa, easy with that there logic, cowboy. We don’t want none of that ‘round these parts!
  9. Man you’re such a downer ha Edmonton's only wins are against 'the three worst teams in the league' and three quarters of Anthony Pipkin Als... then they lost to VAJ... and lost to Calgary's backup... but they're not smoke and mirrors right? Sask is playing their backup and three of their five wins are against 'the worst teams' and Hamilton's backup... but they're an 'above .500' team to worry about Of the remaining +.500 teams left, four of them are starting their backups - so when we beat Calgary its no big deal because Arbuckle was in but now we have to worry about Calgary because our backup is starting... so confusing
  10. Over the last few years you can toss up nichols n harris. id lean towards harris as well. But BLM and Reilly have been much better then harris. Thats the elite tier. Masoli, nichols and harris have all had flashes of elite play but none have come close to maintaining that level of play for nearly long enough to unseat those two. I just dont see him taking a spot like that. Hes had a lot of weapons to work with, strong defences at his back, and too often has struggled in the red zone.
  11. Reminds me of micheal Bishop going 11-1 back in the day
  12. Respectfully disagree.. I’ve been a Harris fan and believe he and has been a top tier for the past couple of years. would have taken him over Nichols any day of the week. He’s good enough to win a championship
  13. Every over .500 team has beaten up on the weak teams. Every team but a couple has lost their starting QB. You are working very hard to discredit the best record in the league. If we got questions about our record then so does every other team too.
  14. This is the same guy who injured himself in practice last year. Hes injury prone. He held the ball on the last play there for 5 6 seconds.. What u think gonna happen?
  15. At the same time, a better qb was available in FA, and better WRs. Harris seems like he was a pretty big cancer I can get replacing a guy like that. But you gotta get better. Not settle for junk.
  16. You're right... he was dressed provocatively too, did you see the way his helmet was strapped on? Practically begging for a blindside hit from behind.
  17. Good recap and preview? Not sure what you're saying here... Nichols may not have single handedly won any games this year, he sure hasn't done alot to lose games with turnovers on the other hand. The Bombers success in the last half of the season will depend heavily on Strev protecting the ball and making teams not stack the box in attempting to stop Harris. I see teams blitzing the **** out of us until Strev can prove he can beat it.
  18. Probably but.. He did... As a fan watching u could see it coming. Hes injury prone. Bottom line.. So was Buck.. Collaros also. It is what it is.
  19. The 7-2 is in a large part because we played the 3 worst teams in the league twice each. That accounts for 5 of our wins. We also played Calgary with their backup QB and Hamilton with their backup QB for 3/4's of the game. The only + .500 team we played with their starting QB was Edmonton. The back 9 doesn't include any teams that are currently below .500 and we will be playing with our backup QB for the next month or two.
  20. Lol. Sure. Hamilton signed Watford when Masoli went down.. This QB ppl think will be brought in doesn't exist. A 3rd QB will be brought in but im guessing hes more Watford than Glenn.
  21. Have the Riders played and beat a team who had their starting QB play? Reilly maybe. But.. Seriously.. They are severly overrated. Making it more obvious everyday that u are a rider fan.
  22. If the Bombers do well against the Esks with Streveler at the helm, it ought to make the back-to-back against the Riders a whole lot easier.
  23. Ppl pretending our O was responsible for our 7 2 record is mind boggling. We legit avg like 300 yards of O a game. Streveler isnt replacing Matty D who would throw for 300 plus weekly.. Hes replacing Matty N who throws closer to 200 a game. We are the most unorthodox 7 2 Team in CFL history... The CFL where ppl routinely throw for 300 plus yards... 1936 yards put up by Nichols.. Zero receivers in the top 10.. Im optimistic that Strev might put up some deep passes to a guy like Matthews who im sure is more than ok with that. Guys a legit weapon and is barely being used.
  24. I don't care what their record says the riders back to back isn't a difficult part of the schedule.
  25. Agreed. Also, the Bombers are about to hit a more difficult stretch in their schedule, so it is reasonable to expect a couple more losses along the way here. You have to evaluate HOW the QB is playing, not just the result after 60 minutes. Streveler's first three games are at Edm, at Sask for the LDC, and then home for the Banjo Bowl. A much more difficult task than some of the early matchups Nichols had this season.
  26. I think in policing, they refer to this as "victim shaming"
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