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2015-2016 training camp

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Harrison played better than Pardy if you ask me. Burmi will be on the starting roster. Plus, he will NEVER clear waivers if he is waived. Peluso will be with the club on the opening road trip but no

How disrespectful of Copp to wear #9.       

Lemieux - Copp - Armia. Potential talented 4th line

Basically a week away from the Jets first game at the young stars classic in Penticton.




Game 1 Calgary vs. Winnipeg Sept. 11 5:00pm
Game 2 Vancouver vs. Edmonton Sept. 11 8:30pm
Game 3 Calgary vs. Edmonton Sept. 12 8:30pm
Game 4 Vancouver vs. Winnipeg Sept. 13 3:00pm
Game 5 Edmonton vs. Winnipeg Sept. 14 12:30pm
Game 6 Vancouver vs. Calgary Sept. 14 4:30pm 
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Kosmo has a chance of playing before Christmas 2016.

McCambridge said he came on strong in the 2nd half of the season last year. Another good season maturing with the Moose and he might get some 4th line time before the end of 2016 on the big team.

I think Lemieux has a better chance of cracking the lineup and sticking for longer and have a bigger role to play but I don't necessarily think Lemieux makes the team first. Those two wingers with Copp would be a nice 4th line or Lowry between Lemieux and Harkins would be a nice 3rd. Frickin hockey can't start soon enough.

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Ehlers, Morrissey, Armia, Copp and Petan are the only rookies I see with a good chance of craking the lineup. No way all 4 will make it. How many will? I think Morrissey has a good chance of staying with the club but not as good a chance as Ehlers. If I were a betting man, I would say 3 forward spots are open. Ehlers, Armia, Copp and Petan along with Peluso, Thorbs and Halischuk are all vying for these spots. Fraser spends the year with the Moose.


This means 4 players will not fill these spots. I honestly think Thorbs, Peluso and Hali (not often though) will take up about 90-100 games. This leaves Ehelrs. Armia, Copp and Petan for just under two spots. I think Petan starts with the Moose and so does Copp. Armia gets a shot at the big team to see if he can stay. I am hoping Morrissey has a great camp and pre-season and makes the big team right from the start. Probably wrong on Copp/Armia but who knows.

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