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3 start another pretender crowned and Grey Cup bound


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6 hours ago, johnzo said:

I felt that too! right after the missed FG, I was like, okay, we got 'em now, and we scored right away.  but then there was that fluky bad-traction TD by spitty mceyegouge ... I'm thinking holy cow we are in for a nutty 2019-style Western Final finish that's gonna put me in the heart ward.

But no, the fourth quarter started and, like we do, we ground em up like calzone sauce. 11:15 time of possession in the fourth! That's a freaking ludicrous level of ball control.  No team in my 35+ years of following this goofy league has been able to ground and pound like the bombers.

hilarious that the big turnaround rider play happened at exactly 0:00 of the third, the last possible moment before the iron gate was scheduled to slam shut.

ha!!...Best name ever!!! 

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