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On 2019-07-12 at 7:09 PM, Throw Long Bannatyne said:

With Dickenson and Huff handling the design of the offence in Cgy. Claybrooks probably didn't pay any attention to that side of the ball, he moves to BC and blindly entrusts J. Jackson to be capable of doing the same.  Maybe now he knows better.  I don't recall if he had any freedom to bring in his own coordinators.

Given who his GM is, I would bet not.

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If B.C gets themselves another legit receiver and either benches Carter to start a fire under his arse or replaces him too then I think a pissed off Reilly can actually drag that team to a couple of wins..just due to him alone weak o-line be damned

When they have actually used John White they have looked not too bad, and if they had even one compliment to Burnham and Durant could actually start piling up yards...and some wins...as it sits now nobody is getting open often and early and they play from behind negating their run game, so defenses are just pinning their ears back and teeing off..sooner or later, and I think it happens this weekend Reilly is gonna start to say eff it and not hang in their waiting and use his running...that alone will open things up for him and I truly think this week against Sask they are gonna have a break out game

Riders will be flat out of the bye, as I have little faith that coaching staff will have them prepared..could still be without Marshall on the corner and really that defense hasn't really done much to induce optimism

I bet Bc comes out with a vengeance and Reilly will play like an inspired Reilly can as I am sure he is sick of how things have went...and the wild card is Carter...is he going to come out with something to prove and stick it to Rider Nation..will this be a motivator for him to do something finally?..I'm thinking so and if the Lions ambush em and jump out early with a couple score lead...could see the wheels really falling off the Riders

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