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Game 58 : Lightning @ 25 Games Left

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Doesn't this feel similar to the Blue and Gold where they always needed to look at film to see where things went wrong?    Member when everyone hated O'Shea until we started winning.... 'member!?

And it's not that Maurice is an awful coach.  Vast majority of coaches when they make it to the NHL for a period of time, they are all good.  But accountability starts with the coach. 

Got free tix from work. Lower bowl.  I'll be there with the girlfriend 

3 hours ago, Ducky said:

Not much has been said about Laine's game after his demotion...didn't really stand out to me except losing almost all the battles against the boards. Had a couple of good chances but seems off to me.

I hope Helle starts.

Yes you do. If Helle doesn't start you wont have anything to complain about. 

Breaking news. 18 year old Nhl player struggles with defensive aspects of the game in latter stages of the season. 

He was okay last night. Didn't clear the zone on the game winner. Then again there were veterans making he same mistake. 

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I want Helle to play because I think he gives us the best chance of winning...by far. I already said he played well last night or do you just refuse to acknowledge when I give players kudos because it would go against your rhetoric? Crawford played better. Can't argue it. Helle kept the game from getting out of hand in the 1st but Crawford came up big all game.

Lots of mistakes to go around....been mentioning Wheeler's D play for weeks. I don't thi nk he has ever beenmade to play D because of his O game. Laine seems off is all...not sure if he is looking out for another big hit or what but even his shot seems to be taking longer to get off once he receives the puck. I'd take him off of Ehlers' line and break them up for a game or two. He needs to fill out a bit more and he will start winning those battles....I have all the time in the world for Laine. Him of Ehlers p laying on a line with Little is good because Little is so D savvy. I would like to see Armia on the opposite wing as one of them. Maurice will never do this because he is in love with the MLA line.

Lots of players on the team that needs to start putting the puck in the net and Armia, Petan, Buff, MP and Staf quickly come to mind.

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1 hour ago, Brandon said:

That Austen matthews should also get cut... he's gone through 2 long streaks this season where he struggled... definitely the guy is a ham'n'egger and needs to be traded ASAP from the Leafs.

Talk about trolling?


He is arguably the front runner for theCalder...

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Yet Laine has the same amount of points in less games played than Matthews. The fact that people expect the youngest player in the entire league to be some sort of dominating force every game yet ignore wheeler sucking Perreault sucking buff sucking is ridiculous 

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2 hours ago, Ducky said:

I'd rather see Laine and Ehlers on different lines.

Why? They have a ton of chemistry on and off the ice 

Laine Scheif ehlers dominated early in the year.. had 2 bad periods and we're broken up never to be heard from again..

One of the many Poor coaching decisions..In  a long long list of them 

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