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  1. Watched an excellent documentary on the Red Wings "The Russian Five" the other night, compliments another excellent documentary "Red Army" which came out in 2014. How I wish hockey would return to this style of play, it was so much more entertaining than the "talent not required" style they play now.
  2. It's past time they made over-population part of the climate change discussion, the next 50 years we're going to see millions of people dying from lack of water.
  3. The ultimate Manitoba crime.....only in Transcona you say??? Thief Tunnels Through Wall of Transcona Butcher Shop, Makes Off with Sauages https://www.chrisd.ca/2019/06/18/eastend-meats-wall-tunnel-robbery-winnipeg/#.XQkn3KJKhnI
  4. Dickenson was just being honest, which is honestly refreshing. Watch the interview it's not as bad as some are making it out to be. https://www.riderville.com/2019/06/17/june-17th-craig-dickenson-media-availability/
  5. It's not disrespect, it's the reality of football. They currently have 6 Natl. players for 3 jobs on the O-line, how many can they afford to keep happy long-term? Unless they increase the ratio along the O-line they'll have to pare down next off-season. Ignoring injury concerns, Neufeld is the oldest and the highest paid of the 6, Desjarlais, Eli and Speller stand in line. You don't need these to see the future.....but they sure help.
  6. How long before we can start a "trade Neufeld" thread?
  7. Harris will be harder to defend against than Reilly, especially if provided with decent protection.
  8. "Next week join us as Duane injects a full syringe of heroin directly into his brain!" Years of listening to Rod blather on has left Duane with irreparable damage, he just don't give a **** anymore.
  9. Hopefully the CFL discussed with the CFLPA before the release so they can put the matter quickly to bed without generating more bad publicity.
  10. What ever do you mean??? That the Riders have the best collection of old players in the league? That the "great" Chris Jones fled in the middle of the night after robbing them blind for 3 seasons leaving behind a poor foundation for those that follow to build upon? That Dickenson's initial season as HC is now primed to melt down into a giant puddle of excrement staining their brand new turf? That they'll be forced to start from scratch with a new regime again next year? The wailing from Sask. will be immense, I'm donning ear protection and safety goggles now!
  11. The horrible decision was re-signing him in the off-season, Collaros is done, he's not going to get better even if he takes the rest of the season off to recover, the damage to his brain is permanent. For the sake of all concerned it's time to move on.
  12. Good game, entertaining football, happy to see CFL football back, full stop. Whiners got to whine, ***** and moan about everything.
  13. Nope, related to the same charges, CFL just adding their punishment. https://3downnation.com/2019/06/14/star-receiver-greg-ellingson-fined-for-being-charged-with-failing-to-provide-a-breath-sample/
  14. Uhhh is this new news? I thought he got caught in Ottawa about 6 months ago for impaired driving?
  15. According to some on RiderFans, it's a league wide conspiracy. Riders need to start hitting opposition QBs late and often.In exchange for a 15 yard penalty Hamilton won tonight. The CFL has demonstrated they have no desire to protect Rider QBs, so the franchise must take matters into their own hands. Old school hockey goon mentality. You hit ours dirty, we'll hit yours dirty. What will it cost us? 15 yards? Players will pass a hat around the locker room to pay the player fine. Why not? CFL will not properly address the issue until it becomes a problem for other teams, so let's make it a problem for other teams. I'm angry and disgusted at how easy it is in this league to alter a teams season with one dirty hit without any repercussions. Craig Dickenson must direct his defensive players to hit opposition QBs late, dirty and often to protect his own players.
  16. Can't compare mid-late season form from a cohesive secondary to a first game were 3 of the 5 pieces are new to the unit. There are going to be breakdowns and mistakes made before they gel, facing Reilly and a few talented receivers those mistakes could have consequences.
  17. True but I don't believe that hit would not have knocked Nichols or any other QB out of the game the way it did Collaros. It was a glancing blow something we have seen hundreds of times before.
  18. First game of the season and anything can happen, as last year's home-opener demonstrated. They have Reilly and a couple of dangerous targets who can strike fast, the Bombers have a secondary that hasn't played together before. I put the odds of a Bomber victory at 50/50.
  19. That's just the dirty Iranian scumbag terrorists you smell!
  20. Too late to change the rules now, the C.P.A. has already been signed, sealed and delivered. Maybe next time they'll take harsher punishment into consideration.
  21. Collaros is subjecting himself to this risk again and again, no one is forcing him to do so. If it wasn't this hit that took him out of the game it could have been the next, even a hard body shot like Tasker absorbed could be enough to rattle his fragile noodle. Makes you wonder if he was being paid $100,000 instead of $400,000 would he continue to expose himself to this risk.
  22. The league also needs to protect players from themselves and future lawsuits, if Collaros doesn't have the good sense to retire himself, the league should declare him medically unfit to play the game. I understand why he might not want to retire as he's being paid over $400,000 per season whether he plays or stands on the sidelines but if he can't handle any contact to the head due to previous concussions he shouldn't be playing the game. I think the Riders will cut him prior to the end of this season and move on.
  23. I'd like to read more about these events, do you have a link?
  24. "Ever shovelled meat Billy?" I'm familiar with the product as I once had a summer job at Canada Packers shovelling tons of "source meat" from wheeled bin into the patty and sausage making machines....strangely I've never had the desire to eat any reconstituted meat products since that experience. I had a new lad wheeling the carts one day ask incredulously, "people eat this?" My reply was "apparently some do".
  25. Phase two of the ramp up to war with Iran....stay tuned. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/tankers-gulf-oman-hormuz-1.5173404
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