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  1. Love it! My Fave all time Player! Choo Choo Charlie Roberts!
  2. Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 9m Cauchy Muamba's status (ankle) will be determined tomorrow. If he is out, Jovon Johnson moves to safety, Marty Markett to corner. Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 8m Glenn January (ankle) saw doctors today. His status has yet to be determined. #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 7m Chad Simpson (foot) is out this week. Was planned to practice, but complained of pain in his troublesome foot. #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 7m Shannon Boatman is out this week. Burke says he's been playing through pain for weeks and his injury is "everything." #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 6m Cory Watson (ham) is out this week, as is OL Marc Parenteau (neck) who took a shot from behind in Edmonton. #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 5m DL Mathieu Boulay (ham) is out this week. Terrence Edwards and Carl Volny both took maintenance days today, but should play Friday. #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 3m If Cauchy Muamba ends up missing this week, #Bombers will have to start either two Cdn. LBs (H.Muamba/Labbe) or a Cdn. DL (Jake Thomas). Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 1h Max Hall confirms he has been told he will start on Friday night. #Bombers
  3. Rouse lined up at safety in practice today... love it
  4. Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 19m #Bombers quarterback Justin Goltz has been told he will start on Sunday in the Banjo Bowl against the #Riders. #CFL Shawn Churchill ‏@ShawnChurchill 18m Tim Burke spoke to Justin goltz regarding his td celebration goltz is ticked off but will stop doing it Bombers qb is very edgy Shawn Churchill ‏@ShawnChurchill 17m Can't blame Levi brown for wearing number 6 only number available told me he didn't know a legend wore it Says he is honored #Bombers Shawn Churchill ‏@ShawnChurchill 13m 5 quarterbacks in camp. Buck pierce appears healthy and practiced in full pads but blue bombers say he is unavailable to media #bluebombers Bob Irving ‏@BobIrvingCJOB 10m Goltz says media has made too much of his touchdown celebration--but he will stop doing it Shawn Churchill ‏@ShawnChurchill 7m Andre Douglas is out a long time according to Burke. Eric woods is out 9 games at least. Jovon will return punts as will wil ford Shawn Churchill ‏@ShawnChurchill 7m Buck pierce has been added to one game injured list will not play this week hall will back up goltz for second straight week Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 6m Chad Simpson's partner had a baby, so he is down in Miami, Fla. #Bombers Shawn Churchill ‏@ShawnChurchill 5m Burke says coaches in Saskatchewan have given him recommendation on Levi brown. What rivalry? Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 5m Jade Etienne has been cleared to play, and will return to practice soon. #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 2m Buck Pierce will not dress this week. #Bombers Darrin Bauming ‏@DarrinBauming 3m Aaron Woods (leg), OL Andre Douglas (leg) are both "out a long time" according to Tim Burke. Jovon will return kicks primarily.
  5. Jimmy Popp Does it again! http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=428903
  6. I am disgusted with myself for missing this thread.
  7. they said if the game was today Matthews wouldn't play. its all about pain management right now... It would be foolish to play him game one if he is gonna have to deal with a sore ankle all year...
  8. Joe Pascucci ‏@Pascucci015 59m Cohon added he would look at moving Blue Bombers once a 10th team is added through expansion
  9. Joe Pascucci ‏@Pascucci015 34m Just spoke with CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. Says Blue Bombers to remain in Eastern Division even with Ottawa RedBlacks return next season.
  10. poblah on the 1 game as well... meaning Etienne starts? or kohlert
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