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  1. No the comparison I had quoted was his 2019 numbers. Usually the more games you start the better your numbers will be. Judges 2019 numbers 61 tkls, 5 sacks, 2 ints in 17 starts.
  2. Jordan Herdman started 5 games Justin Herdman started 7 games Cameron Judge started 17 games Of course Judge is going to have better numbers. He started more than twice as many as Justin and more than 3 times as many as Jordan.
  3. Shane Bergman 6th round Sean Thomas-Erlington 8th round Justin and Jordan Herdman-Reed 7th round Richard Sandani 8th round Colton Hunchak 8th round DJ Lalama 8th round Speller was undrafted, so moving up a couple spots in the sixth round is a good return.
  4. I agree that you guys should draft Ogbongbemiga. People seem to forget that you can find Olinemen outside the first round. Teams will have a chance at a ratio breaking MLB and couple CBs, this year.
  5. I don't know the Lions still have Steward, Chungh, Knevel, Boyko, Godber and Pierson. They will probably go Dline in the first round and pick up Giffen in the second round.
  6. You can pick whoever you want at 18, if you do pick one of the two mentioned, then it gives Ottawa or Toronto one less option for their territorial pick. Gallimore will be a first or second round NFL pick, so it probably isn't a good idea to pick him high.
  7. Good thing you are not a scout, Herdman is going to be the next great MLB in this league.
  8. When healthy Greenwood is a good Linebacker. He is going to have a very good year.
  9. I think my eyes work fine. The problem is that some Bomber fans have trouble evaluating talent. It's a good thing that you have a St.Thomas boy as your GM, he knows how to evaluate talent. Desjarlais, Kongbo, Olivera, Eli and Griffiths all have the talent to suceed in this league. I'm going to enjoy watching my Ti-Cats beat the Bombers.
  10. Players get beat all the time, I can see McInnis and Lenius beating Bombers defenders for years to come. I could also see Loffler having a big games against the Bombers, especially seeing many fans on here bash him.
  11. Not really! Edem had a hell of a year last season. Judge/Bouka/ whoever wins the RG position are up and comers. Evans, Blake and Labatte are all reliable vets. Their first two picks WR-McInnis and TE/FB/SB-Lenius, could also see playing time.
  12. I don't know if any of these teams are hurting for starters. Als S-Loffler, WLB-Lokombo, MLB-Muamba, LG-Rutherford, C-Matte, RG-Wilson, RT-Johnstone. Maybes are WR-Carter and DT-Foote Riders S-Edem, WLB-Judge, DT-Evans, LG-Blake, C-Labatte, RG-Bladek/Shepley. The 7th will either be CB-Bouka or one of their recievers. Redblacks S-Pruneau, DT-Klassen, LG-Johnson, C-Mateas, RG-McMillan, RT-Lauzon-Seguin, SB-Sinopoli. They have also been experimenting with Korte at LT or they also have Behar at reciever.
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