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  1. and if Helle plays, it will be 12 days since he last played....if he doesn't get in until the Chicago game, it will be 15 days. Way to let him keep warm and in a rhythm after a big win...
  2. We're playing them the night before Chicago comes in and plays them...might get their backup? Helle starts?
  3. This is how I saw it before the game... 28 games left and 90 points to make the playoffs so with 54 points we needed 36 points out of a possible 56 or 18 wins and that would allow us 10 losses. Every time we lose, we lose 10% of our chance to make the playoffs. We lost today so we lost 10% and can only lose another 9 games. Pitiful, pitiful game. Sure hope Helle is in net next game, can't see a reason why not.
  4. he better be he he should have been in for this one
  5. He got 17 minutes in penalties and there wasn't 17 minutes left in the third.
  6. Buff needs to needs to tune him up as soon as he gets out of the Penalty Box. He should have been tuned up already as stated above he's been headhunting all game.
  7. I kind of thought the whining about firing the coach would come as soon as we had a loss. Give it a break already he is not getting fired this season. Fire Maurice fire goalie coach fire defenseman coach... Fire all the players.
  8. Ehlers not knowing what to do in his own end again.
  9. A couple of absolutely huge saves to keep the game tied.
  10. the break for the All-Star Game seems to really have done wonders for scheifele.
  11. I can't believe that Chevy can't find a better defenseman then Paul postma or Mark Stewart. It is freaking pathetic that they are starting defenseman in this league never mind starting on the same team...
  12. Really good play by armia on the second goal. We lost the face off but Army went in and hammered somebody behind the net and took the puck away from them. 10 seconds later he picks up an assist on the goal. As I am posting this there is a challenge on the third goal.
  13. Pavs has got less than 30 games with us...I'll take the Ws over the sv%. He's 4-2 and the team has been playing better in front of him.
  14. Not sure but would surprise me if she wasn't. Quote from Maurice when asked about the concussion... “He’s got (roommate) Nik Ehlers as a chauffeur for a little while, so he’s in good shape.”
  15. The rosters open up at the TD so Hutch being carried deosn't affect the pressbox after that if I understand the rules properly.
  16. The zinger was Scheif saying good or nice research guys. I think Ehlers and Laine live together?
  17. If it is an injury and not his hip, then Ithinkit is his back....I re-watched the last game he played......He didn't take a big hit or puck or anything.
  18. I don't know if he can...that is why I said comes as advertised.
  19. oops http://www.sportsnet.ca/590/hockey-central-at-noon/ Feb. 3.
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