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  1. pffttt you're the one with blinders on when it comes to Hutch...he belongs on the AHL or ECHL. Hutch sucks eggs, admit it. Pavs sucks too just not as bad.
  2. haha, you are right. I should have said the fancy stats because right now, Ws are everything.
  3. and if dummies like us can see we need D help and a vet goalie, how come he hasn't done anything about it yet? Especially the D depth.
  4. We need wins right now, we don't need stats.
  5. Need a starter not a backup...
  6. Morrissey's offence will come...give it time. He has been a points producer his whole hockey life. By the time Myers is back, it will be in time for the playoff run or another tanking. Chevy making a trade to shore up the 3rd pairing with someone substantial would be nice...not another Stu Chiarot Melchiori Postma though. Ville Pokka would be nice if he didn't give up a lot for him...if he doesn't turn out, he can always dance...
  7. Guess what, in the next 9 games Pavs would play (hope he doesn't) he would only have to win 2 of them to beat Hutch's record this year and seeing as neither are in the team's future, I'll take the Ws this year and you can have your stats.
  8. Dreger says Chevy is trying to upgrade his 3rd pairing D.
  9. Because I'm not wrong......I'll take the wins from Pavs this year because Hutch has proven he can't win. Can't you just admit you are wrong?
  10. Pavs has the same amount of wins in less tahn half the games...take your stats and shove them, for the rest of the season I'll take the Ws.
  11. Where or how a player was obtained shouldn't come into any decisions on that player. I don't care if he was first overall or a waiver pickup, that doesn't make him an NHL caliber goalie.
  12. Well, there you go, another team that won't go near Hutch.
  13. Because anyone is better than Hutch... you give a late round draft pick for negotiating right or you sign someone that isn't on that list. It looks like SJ has nobody to expose besides the guy they will protect, why aren't they worried? Because they know it isn't hard to sign a nobody for one year. Who cares if he plays on the Moose or not next year....Phillips and Comrie should be on theMoose next year (if Comrie doesn't make the Jets) anyway. Should have been done LONG ago.
  14. It is called development... here is a list of UFA goalies....take your pick... http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/goaltender/ Condon is making 575k and Enroth is making 750k.......we'd save money and get a better goalie!!!!!!!
  15. So Phillips is going back to the ECHL next year?
  16. Hutch is shite and his record this year proves it....4 freaking wins in 17 games.
  17. they can sign anyone....they can sign me if they wanted to.
  18. No love here for Pavs but i love anyone that gets us Ws. Actually SJ has at least 3 goalies signed for next year but what I am wondering is how many are eligible for the expansion draft?
  19. If he was sent down when he was suipposed and someone claimed him (highly unlikely), you have lots of time to sign anyone to a one year 580k contract. As far as SJ picking him, if they don't have a goalie to expose, why do you think they aren't in any hurry? Maybe because anyone can be signed to fulfill the requirement? You can make an argument for Pavs being a backup but you can't with Hutch. But I am finished arguing about two goalies that have no future in the organization...Hutch doesn't belong in the NHL and he has proved that with his 4 wins in 17 games....a .236 winning percentage. Not sure what EA NHL 17 is but I am guessing it is a game. Haven't ever played computer games so you have the wrong guy...
  20. He'll probably be signed before the summer....take a buyout on his contract and sign a juicy new one. Florida would probably be a good fit for him player-wise but not sure the management and him would jive. If the Jets replace the coaching staff this summer I hope the new coach is allowed to pick ALL assistants. Dineen, MacLean or Arneil might be worth a look but by all reports like Lawless and Dreger, Maurice is getting extended this summer.
  21. My mistake, when I read, "so he got another year" I thought you meant another year on his contract and now re-reading it I think you meant got another year before he was let go.
  22. He is by far the best available coach out there and if Vegas or the Isles had any brains, they'd have him signed long term by the end of the week.
  23. You keep on believing those "stories". Don't know where you get your story from but Julien signed a 3 year extension in 2014.
  24. The Avs shut out the Habs 4-0 last night....fire Therrien!
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