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  1. Probably because Helle wasn't playing like an NHL goalie at the time? Nobody thinks Pavs is the long term solution but Hutch certainly isn't the short term solution and the way Helle was playing, neither was he. I wouldn't care if Pavs never plays another game in net for us as long as we start winning a few games and stop letting in easy goals which is something all 3 goalies have done with regularity this season. I'd be shocked if Chevy was fired. Was the Boston media talking about Julien being extended this summer?
  2. Gallant is old school and Yeo isn't any better than what we have.
  3. Hutch has 17 games and 4 wins.....that's the only stat I need....he should have been sent down looooooooong ago. |Why stick up for him? I realize that Helle needs more time and probably a vet goalie on the team but Hutch is the worst goalie in the league... How many goalies have 4 wins in 17 games?
  4. A decent third pairing on defense and a half decent goalie from Chevy would be nice too.
  5. Hitchcock plays his veterans more than Maurice or Julien. be careful what you wish for.
  6. no it is the coaches fault that he is such a poor goalie that can only win Less than 25% of his games. Fire the coach fire the coach.
  7. If they were going to fire the coach in the middle of the Season don't you think they would have done it already? They'd be better off firing the goalies
  8. Hutch has 4 wins in 17 games. He doesn't even belong in the league.
  9. The Capitals have scored at least 5 goals in each of their last 9 home games. In their last 8 home games, they've outscored opponents 42-6. 5 shutouts in last 10 home games, and they have 10 shutouts in 54 games this year. Alzner baby!!!!!!!!!
  10. 8 more losses or 16 points lost....the countdown is on.
  11. Any bets who starts next game???
  12. Time to call up Comrie as the backup...
  13. Sorry, I should have said smartest defensively. Name me a young forward on the team smarter in his own zone. Ehlers and Laine are lost when trying to figure out what man they should be on or what part of the ice they should be. He's better than Lowry although different responsibilities and the only argument you might have is Copper.
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