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  1. I agree but who do you put them with? Everyone can't play with Little. As much as he is loved here and I really like him too but Wheeler doesn't play the smartest game in his zone either. Most of the play is probably not in the D zone when he is on the ice but when it is, he doesn't shine. Watch where he is on the ice when goals are scored when he is on. Armia is by far the smartest young forward we have and Staf is invisible in the D zone. Maurice not playing Helle in the last 10 games is baffling...is there something else behind it? Why sit Helle for so long? If he wanted to play him against the Hawks shouldn't he have played in the last week? Hutch isn't in the equation. he has 4 wins in 17 games this season. Was the injury to Myers a sports hernia? Him being hurt sures turns the trade from a fleecing to just geting taken advantage of. We should have traded him over a year ago when it was evident he was the 3RHD. The sad thing is, mathematically we are still easily in the chase for the playoffs. If we weren't, they could at least play some youngsters more and call some up. How much is Petan developing on the 4th line? I know he is doing well on the PP but either send him down or give him more than 6 minutes a game. Same as sitting Tanev in the pressbox. It looks like 88-89 points will get you a wildcard spot this year which is pretty bad. Chevy still waiting for the team to "go on a run" I guess.
  2. He also said that they are choosing to let the young players play when they make mistakes and not bench them. I think Chevy and Maurice knew they would be lucky to get into the playoffs this year. Play the kids and let them learn. Call up Connor and Comrie and Roslo and have a look at them before the end of the year too. Dano sounds like he is about 10 days? away from returning. Does Maurice sit Thorbs when Staf plays tomorrow? Does he sit Petan or send him back down? Tanev Hutch and Mel in the pressbox right now (send Mel back down?) and Chiarot not far away from coming back too. Roster limits don't expand until March 1...
  3. Not true.....Fire Maurice or the flavor of the day takes up a big part of it also.
  4. How many have posted Pavs is the answer? I don't think many think he will be here next year...he was the answer a couple of weeks ago though.
  5. I agree with the bolded but Hutch could have played on the farm all season and still be the one exposed for the expansion draft.
  6. I agree that they need to do something about the goaltending and I don't think they should get rid of Helle. I think this year was spent looking at their goalie situation and due to injuries, they had a chance to look at some younger players that they didn't think they would, especially so early in the year. I can't see Chevy not addressing the D depth and goaltending this off-season. Next year there are no excuses, this team needs to make the playoffs next year no matter who is or isn't coaching or playing goal. Greiss would have been ideal and he signed way cheaper than I thought he would. I think Darling could be had for the right price...A vet signed for 3 years in goal would be nice though and I will harp about signing Alzner for 5 or 6 years the first day of free agency until someone signs him. I'd send a 3rd or 4th to them for negotiationg rights as soon as their season was over. This guy is the shutdown D we need. Trouba, Alzner, and Morrissey, are the core you build your D around for years and Buff, Myers and Enstrom playing D with them next year would look nice. Maybe Poolman can make the team next year or the year after? If Chevy thinks changes should be made in coaching, get rid of all of them and don't cherry pick...D coach or goalie coach or whatever coach. If they are to be fired, hire a head coach and he picks his staff not Chevy or anyone else. If he wants to reatain anyone, that is his choice. I'm not sure Hitch would do well here but if Boston were stupid enough to let Julien go this summer... Now, we have about 27 games to go and are under .500 and still have a chance to make the playoffs. Last year after 55 games we were 25-27-3, this year we are 25-26-4. Buff talking about Pavs around the 3 1/2 minute mark. https://www.nhl.com/jets/video/practice--dustin-byfuglien/t-277437442/c-49147703
  7. The Isles would have to retain 50% before Chevy would look at Halak if you ask me and rightly so....he isn't worth 4.5m AAV and his actual salary this year is 4.75m and 5m next year.
  8. The reason Pavs is here is because they needed to take the pressure off of Helle and give him a break that Hutch couldn't provide.
  9. Here's Helle's stats this year, draw your own conclusions. http://www.rotoworld.com/log/nhl/4545/connor-hellebuyck 15 games .900 or under.
  10. I'd throw in Staf for a 2nd.
  11. I was talking about Myers with a buddy and we were discussing him regarding the expansion draft. If he comes back and plays before the end of the season, I would trade him for blue chip D prospect(s) before the expansion draft. If you can't or if he doesn't come back this year and has to be protected or be eligible for draft, do we prtoect him or leave him exposed and lose him to Vegas? He is signed for two more years for 3.5m and 3m. Is it wiser to take that cash, if we lose him, and put it towards his/Enstrom's replacement or maybe a really good 3rd pairing D man? I lean towards taking that money and adding to it and going after a good UFA D man and my buddy said pick up a really good 3rd pairing D man. It would allow us to keep our forwards and force us to make a move on D because let's face it, after Buff, Morrissey, Trouba and Enstrom, we haven't had an NHL caliber D man play for this team this year. (Myers excluded) Chevy needs to address this and our goalie situation this off season. Alzner or Michael del Zotto or I still say in the long run that losing MP would be the best for us but losing Myers and putting his salary towards another D man wouldn't be all that bad.
  12. he demands that his players play defense first. 29 + 27 wouldn't be getting the ice time they are now under Hitchcock unless they played better defense.
  13. Hutch ... One goaltender who is under contract in 2017-18 or will be a restricted free agent at the expiration of his current contract immediately prior to 2017-18. If the club elects to make a restricted free agent goaltender available in order to meet this requirement, that goaltender must have received his qualifying offer prior to the submission of the club's protected list. Pavs is an UFA so he doesn't figure nto the expansion draft for the Jets. Stu ... One defenseman who is a) under contract in 2017-18 and played in 40 or more NHL games the prior season OR played in 70 or more NHL games in the prior two seasons. ex. Matthias and Copp ... ii) Two forwards who are a) under contract in 2017-18 and played in 40 or more NHL games the prior season OR played in 70 or more NHL games in the prior two seasons. These players would fill our MINIMUM requirements.....so for example, if we picked up Halak......we protect Helle and any other goalie we have that qualifies can be drafted... same as forwards or D men.....if we go 4-4-1 and protect Helle, Myers, Buff, Enstrom, Trouba, Scheif, Wheeler, Lowry and Little, then one of Dano, Copp, Matthias, Armia, or MP could be drafted. Muddy the waters more for you?
  14. Regardless of where Pavs was or who he was playing for or even if he was traded, if Hutch went to the Moose, he could still have been exposed and Helle protected though. Hutch is signed to an NHL contract so even if he played on the Moose, he would still fill our requirement for the expansion draft.
  15. Penalty minutes? 86 minutes in 42 games... 8g and 4a for 12 points. I really thought this guy was ready for the pro game at the start of TC....figured he had a chance at the roster out of TC....boy was I off the mark. Connor scored twice tonight.
  16. LA will make the playoffs and if Quick comes back and gets into shape fast, they could do some real damage in the playoffs.
  17. MAF is a career .912 goalie with an AAV and an actual salary of 5.75m for two more seasons after this one and he would cost something we wouldn't want to give up. No thanks. Lawless thought we could trade for him and not have to protect him and Helle cuz Hutch was unprotected the other day!!!! He is a goof. He is a well-connected goof but still a goof.
  18. The precedent was set when McCabe flattened Laine and Scheif stuck up for him right away and then it was forgotten......next time Eichel steps on the ice, Thorbs or whoever should have run him through the boards. Nothing was done. The whole league saw this. You can't let anyone do that to any player on your team let alone the top players. I don't care if it is a home or away game...the Jets shouild have set the example, if you want to run Laine, your star gets run too. Today, Duchene should hae been run at constantly and the goalie too. I would have started a bloody war both games....if you had started it the first game, chances are you don't have to start another one. I know a lot of people say there is no place for this in the game but this is exactly the place for it. This isn't game 7 of the finals.
  19. What we need is a goalie to step up and playlike a starter....none have yet.
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