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  1. vadeux

    Game 45 : Lovely Weather for Ducks

    she's cuter than george.
  2. vadeux

    Game 44 : Detroit 442

    was just thinking he might get 20 this year... jets need every single one.
  3. vadeux


    awesome.. thanks rich
  4. vadeux


    is it no longer?
  5. vadeux

    Game 42 : Avalanche

    haven't thought of andrea true for a long time. rip https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_True
  6. vadeux

    Halfway point of 2018/19

    personally i can't see the jets thinking of giving up on laine any time soon. he has shown enough already that he is worth the patience and further development from the management team.
  7. vadeux

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    you do not want to know i suspect!
  8. vadeux

    Game 39 : @ Alberta Bound

  9. vadeux

    Game 39 : @ Alberta Bound

    reddit.com nhl streams has had every game i've wanted so far. some feeds are annoying with ads but anything rated as trusted has never been an issue.
  10. vadeux

    Game 38 : Mall of America

    i see jets turning the corner... waking up and going 2 for 2!
  11. vadeux

    Random Death Notice 2018

    listening to the original (1962) girl from ipanema now Yikes... he wrote the english translation! moy bad! anyways...
  12. vadeux

    Random Death Notice 2018

    norman gimbel anyone? https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-46706705?ns_source=facebook&ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews
  13. vadeux

    Restaurant thread

    ya man. i live nearby and was pretty disappointed pete couldn't make it. it was the closest thing to a meat and potatoes breakfast place around. not a huge fan of Stellas although it's ok now and then. the old osborne village inn cafe was the best in its prime.
  14. vadeux

    Restaurant thread

    i do some work for Basil. there have been 4 restaurants in there since 2013 (including Basils itself). none have lasted even a year except basils and that was only 14 months or so. every time they go belly up i move in and clean out the place. it's a great location but i don't know what's gonna have to occur for something to stick and be profitable. maybe a large rich chain or split it into two independent businesses..