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Sending "Wishing I were there" postcards to Mr. Trudeau to support the CFL

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Hello fellow CFL Fans,

As many of you have now heard, the CFL has been in talks with the XFL due to their dire situation and obviously is in desperate need of help. I am sure many of you have also received the "Wishing I were there" postcards mailed out by the federal government. The idea of the campaign is to allow Canadians to reconnect with each other and provide a message to people we cannot see due to the going pandemic.

I suggest instead we send those postcards back to Parliament Hill, with messages of support for the Canadian Football League.

Now, I don't know if doing this will necessarily help the league, but I feel that if we can get enough Canadians behind this, it could help when/if the league does re-approach the federal government for funding.

Address of the Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Does anyone else feel like this is a good idea? More importantly - to you other posters... what are the other CFL team sites that we can try to spread this initiative on? I know of RiderFans, but other than that, I am unaware of any of other forums. If people can provide me with other forums, I will gladly create accounts to help spread this message.

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