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1 hour ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

Because if Poolman tweaks something or is out of game shape in his first game back and has to sit, Maurice does not want to be down to 5 d-men. 

If he’s that unsure, don’t play him yet.  Why deplete the forwards on the off chance something MAY happen?  Stanley had less than 10 minutes last game and DeMelo had 13; the 5 D men could cover, IF it was necessary.

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These slow starts are fabulous. Ottawa 14 to 5 shots on goal. 

Wheeler and Connor shouldn't be together. Both are very bad defensively and they get hemmed in. These D pairs tho are just not working at all and the forwards Can't get past center here. 

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Stastny on the PP has gotten the puck movement going much better than last year. All 5 players touched the puck in a 3 second span on that 3rd goal. Beautiful. 

Jets survived the aggressive Ottawa forecheck in the first and found their space in the second. Sens on their heels after expending their energy in the first. 

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