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  1. I'm dying here... Lose the coach, oc, and qb? Classic.
  2. Bumping up to see if anyone else is making the trip! We'll be in section S row 10, I'll have a white Muamba jersey on
  3. Well... Makes perfect sense in a three down league. Take out one play and replace it by negative yards.... Ya, seems common sense to me.
  4. Fan trip was way too expensive. It was like $900 per person and being on the team charter you hardly get any time outside of the game (I think it was like three hours at the West Edmonton Mall). I'm renting a car and driving it and it's more than half the cost. Agreed - I saw the cost and I'm not surprised it was cancelled. That's why I thought they might have seats available for the game only! Haha.
  5. It's all good. It's looking like we'll be in section S about 10 rows back. If anyone still needs tickets and wants great seats, calling the Eskimos ticket office is your best bet (better selection than Ticketmaster). Same thing goes for Bomber games. Also, huge shoutout to the Bomber ticket office for getting back to me (twice) when I asked if they had any spare seats from the Edmonton fan trip (which sounds like it was cancelled? bummer).
  6. Not sure where you got that I wanted free, or even discount tickets from. More than willing to pay face value... just with all the printable tickets crap I'm nervous about getting them from scalpers. ETA - and would prefer to buy from people I at least somewhat knew.
  7. Thanks, I am aware of Ticketmaster, my friend wants really great seats and we were about to jump on the stubhub ones, for $160 Cdn is pretty steep, so figured I would check here anyway.. But really thanks Tmoney for the insider info! I'll look into those, we have to make our game plan to get to the game so the train tips are much appreciated!
  8. Figured it could be worth a shot, anyone selling or have a friend selling decent seats to this week's game in Edmonton? Thanks!
  9. One thing I noticed... Lirim was making 60 yard kicks easy in warmup - four or five consecutively. Not an excuse but the wind was all over the place that game.
  10. I was ushering the game, and some guy was giving me a hard time saying Willy couldn't throw... he promptly threw a touchdown. Sadly that did not shut him up.
  11. What did that goal line stand look like on TV? Looked like Calgary got in.
  12. Ahhhh that makes sense. FIFA is actually on this weekend when we play, it was tough to get a field.
  13. Can't tell if kidding or....
  14. Thought I'd put this here because it's relevant to IGF at least. The Western Women's Canadian Football League (WWCFL) Championship game will be held in Winnipeg this year at Investor's Group Field on July 4th, 2015 @ 2pm. There are two teams in Winnipeg (the Winnipeg Wolfpack and the Manitoba Fearless) but unfortunately they were both eliminated in the prairie semifinals this past weekend. Entry won't be too much, maybe $5? This weekend is the conference finals - in the Prairie Conference, Saskatoon Valkyries vs Regina Riot (Saskatoon are the three or four time defending champs but got beat pretty badly by Regina last game); and in the western conference the Calgary Rage vs Edmonton Storm (1-1 in the season series, but we lost badly to Edmonton last game, had a comeback game against Lethbridge). Should be a good game, I encourage people to go out and watch seeing as it's in the Bomber's backyard. For more info: http://www.wwcfl.ca/about-us.html
  15. I also feel like the back stories are seriously lacking in depth this season. In combination with the terrible (lack of) plot, I have to wonder if this will be the last season.
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