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  1. You are the first one I know of who didn’t love Skyfall and 17to85 is the other😮 BTW speaking of Cavill…
  2. https://ywgdeals.com/winnipeg-to-orlando-florida-291-roundtrip
  3. Dude! He was Kick-Ass That was a long time ago. Looks nothing like him now
  4. 😢 https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/flames-assistant-gm-chris-snow-suffered-catastrophic-brain-injury-after-going-into-cardiac-arrest/
  5. I think they made that film, it was called The Man From UNCLE I say let Bond die, move on to Lynch.
  6. Thought Viel had the worse night taking 2 penalties but at least he got mentioned unlike Reichel. Think you mean someone else? Lambert didn’t play last night.
  7. https://www.abbynews.com/news/rcmp-investigating-whites-only-play-group-signs-discovered-in-tri-cities-4509085
  8. For fans of Y&R https://tvline.com/news/billy-miller-cause-of-death-revealed-suicide-bipolar-manic-depression-1235045616/
  9. Sure they were still writing in the off period. Still no new drama until January and even then short season which we kind of used to now.
  10. Manitoba’s two major political parties say they would not repeat COVID-19 lockdowns.
  11. https://winnipegsun.com/sports/football/splitting-uprights-breaking-barriers-female-kicker-maya-turner-to-make-history-with-u-of-m-bisons
  12. https://3downnation.com/2023/09/21/montreal-alouettes-stable-under-pierre-karl-peladeau-but-team-needs-long-term-stadium-solution/
  13. Smokes...don't forget the smokes!
  14. Canada Post said Friday it is reviewing how it uses data for tailored marketing campaigns after the federal privacy watchdog found the post office was breaking the law by gleaning information from the outsides of envelopes and packages. https://www.chrisd.ca/2023/09/22/canada-post-address-data-privacy-watchdog/
  15. Blue jays holding on to WC2, they finally lost last night, good streak tho.
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