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  1. The players association want to drag it out until the last minute as well. It’s the way unions work.
  2. Peguis isn’t in the North but their have been cases due to gathering over the holidays. A friend of my wife visited over Christmas, when they came back to Winnipeg, the sister he was staying with in Peguis tested positive for COVID, it was pretty bad but she is recovering. He and his family didn’t have any symptoms but were tested. Out of the 5 of them that went he and his 2 children tested positive.
  3. Loffler had to make that hit, you can't let the receiver have that extra advantage, I understand player safety is a priority but it's becoming a bit much, even the calls for late hits on the quarterback are getting out of hand. I understand a headshot or a hit below the knees but when they get a little bump or shove and flags are flying. If playing defence isn't tough enough already now the players need to slow up and give the offence a bigger advantage?
  4. The reason I feel she wanted free swag is because she posted on a facebook post for free swag
  5. I feel like this was very much embellished, she posted this story on the virgin 103 facebook page to try to win bomber tickets for the next game and gift cards, then the media got a hold of it and she ran with it, it just seems to be a bit over the top
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