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  1. Here is the Lions depth chart:
  2. Agreed. Likely get a few series and then a quarter and then be back in full time.
  3. Apparently you have to wait till after the 5th game missed before you can practise. i.e. 2 weeks before the game you are eligible. Practicing and playing at a high level are two different things. His arm strength is suspect right now and that's the bottom line. Apparently getting stronger every day.
  4. Looks like Lulay is on the mend. Lions apparently wanted to have Lulay start practising this week but have to wait as they are learning how the new rule works. Apparently you have to wait till after the 5th game missed before you can practise. i.e. 2 weeks before the game you are eligible.
  5. Dead end link This works: http://nesn.com/2013/12/patriots-sign-running-back-former-youtube-sensation-sam-mcguffie-to-practice-squad-video/
  6. There is a tail gate right across from Science World. Visiting fans are always welcome.
  7. As you probably already know the Lions are recognizing Geroy Simon. Well apparently this is not just for the game the whole city is in on the act. Apologies if there was already a thread in this but I searched and didn't find one started already. If there is mods please merge this in.
  8. Because most other provinces/cities don't have the cash to do that plan. I agree the BC Plan worked awesome but it also cost a buttload more money than either Winnipeg or Hamilton spent/are spending. weren't most the stands/seats left over from the winter olympics also? That played a role, also winnipeg had a stadium to play at so winnipeg is kind of irrelevant here. Actually no. At the time people thought that was going to be the case but in fact it was not. The seats were all new for this temp stadium.
  9. Was just wondering this myself, if Beck starts, we're whooping em. The list of "backup" QBs that we've lost to over the last 20 years is so long I'm not wasting my time trying to think of all of them. We were so thrilled to face a green and inexperienced Travis Lulay. Loss. First ever start for Bo Levi Mitchell? This will be a cakewalk! Loss. Rocky freaking Butler? Hahahahahaha. Loss. Ha, we knocked Anthony Calvillo out of the game! Adrian McPherson? This thing is over! Loss. I'm quitting now before sadness sets in. Don't underestimate or disrespect your opponent. Beat your opponent. Actually thats why I asked. I hope we play Glenn cause I feel we actually have a better chance against him rather then a fresh young moblie QB looking to get noticed! Sounds as though Glenn wasn't too banged up anyways and will make the start Well that isn't Beck
  10. Why they didn't find a location and go the route BC did is beyond me. Build a temp 25K seat stadium and run with that till your new digs are ready.
  11. Lions D certainly didn't have to play really well but even when Smith was accurate the Lions coverage was good and often resulted in a knock down. The Als were able to run the ball reasonably when they did and this could be the Lions weakness on D. It will really depend on which Lions O shows up. The one from the last 2 weeks or the one from the first 2 weeks. IMHO that will dictate how the game this week goes.
  12. Fan of you favorite Orange CFL team. Been around various CFL boards for over a decade. Here to talk some football. We might not agree on every thing but I'm sure we all agree that the CFL is the best game on the planet.
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