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Changes to Posting Guidelines in the General Forum - Please Read


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We'd like to announce a change in our discussion guidelines that we believe will enhance the purpose and atmosphere of this board.

We will no longer allow discussions on political or other controversial topics in this forum.

Reasons for the Decision:

  1. Purpose and Vision: This message board was created with one goal in mind - to foster discussions around Blue Bomber football. We wish to keep the focus on that.
  2. Moderation Overload: Our moderator team, who generously donate their time, have found themselves spending an overwhelming amount of effort on moderating political and related discussions.
  3. Civilized Debate: As societal topics have become more polarized, it has been observed that discussions easily derail into emotional arguments. Keeping the forum conducive to healthy debate has been challenging.

We encourage those interested in engaging in these debates to seek out specialized forums that cater to those topics.

We understand that some of you might have strong feelings about this change. However, the decision is final. 

This announcement will be locked for further comments. If you have serious concerns, my PMs are open.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's keep our passion for Blue Bomber football alive and strong!

The Moderator Team

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