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Game 72: Avs @ Jets

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4 hours ago, iHeart said:

I don't know I've seen Toronto make the playoffs the year they got Matthews so getting the first draft pick doesn't really guarantee  anything (I mean the Oilers got RNH in 2011 and CMcD in 2015 and the oilers didn't make the playoffs those years, but then again no Canadian team made the playoffs in 2016)

Alright then. 

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14 hours ago, Goalie said:

Everyone who misses the playoffs is in the draft lottery... but you can only move up 10 spots if you win it so if Jets finish 14th last... they can move up to pick 4... they pretty much can't get the 1st overall pick this year because... they aren't bad enough  

Besides if you win the lottery u can't win again for 5 years so... you know, win it next year and get Bedard 

So you want them to lose and miss the playoffs again next year. Great, I expect zero complaints in the game day threads next season then. 😁

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