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  1. Pipelines may be safest and quickest but so many people and environmental groups are against them that it might just be better to use the 2nd best way which would be by rail car. Probably cheaper to run rail lines around cities and towns then to build another pipeline. Rail lines around cities and towns would be to avoid another Lac Megantique. We're well on the way to the end of oil on a large scale, so why keep fighting a battle that likely can't be won.
  2. Canada is so behind. We need to catch up. Kinder Morgan pipeline is supposed to help save our economy! How about wind and solar energy saving our economy? With all our hydro power, how much of it is being sold to the US and are we making any money on it?
  3. Lower income taxes and high consumer taxes sound good to me. Agree, campaign promises are too expensive. Maybe candidates have to be restricted to a certain number of promises and obliged to publish a budget showing the cost of those promises.
  4. Just checking in after a long absence. After catching up I've realized that discussing/debating big or small points isn't going to get us anywhere. The bottom line is that the majority of scientists agree that humans play a big part in climate change and if anyone just looks around the world, it can easily be seen that weather occurrences are steadily increasing in numbers and severity. The way I look at it is to treat it like an insurance policy (life, fire, auto insurances). Most of the time you don't need the insurance because these accidents, fires and premature deaths don't happen to the majority of people but yet the majority of people do carry these insurances. So living our lives as if climate change can be affected by human behaviour is as necessary as any of these insurances. Because even though we can't prove 100 % that humans are causing climate change, can we really afford to take the chance that this claim can be wrong and do nothing? The effects of climate change are and will be increasingly staggering for hundreds of millions of people. Can we take the chance (just because some people are refuting it) and treat climate change as if it's only Mother Nature? Can we really adopt a let's wait and see what happens attitude? No one can prove with 100% accuracy either way. So because the risks are so great, I am treating climate change like something that can be affected (like this is my insurance policy 'in case it's real' just like insurance is for 'in case it happens'), that every person can do their part to combat it. So I'm going to sign out of this debate and go reduce my footprint as much as I can, bug politicians, donate to groups and green energy initiatives, in order to do my part. I just cannot take the chance and wait till it's proved one way or another. As long as there's a chance that human's are causing Climate Change, we have to fight it with everything we have. How about changing the direction of this thread with a challenge everyone, what can we do to fight Climate Change? Any new and innovative suggestions?
  5. So am I. But I would have thought China would have been brighter than it is.
  6. Third world countries are not the countries causing most of the emissions. Developed countries are by far the biggest contributors so must be the ones to create the solutions and find green ways of living and doing business. Then the underdeveloped countries will adopt our green technologies and not our carbon based technologies. Actually it is already happening on a small scale, when in very poor areas some solar panels are used to provide small amounts of electricity eg. enough to light a lamp so children can study in the evening.
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