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Game 77 : Brooklyn's In The House

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7 minutes ago, JCon said:

And the players too. They would not want a cut in salary. 

Same as the staff. 

I assume the event staff would make up the days with other events at the arena. 

Yup. Whole lot of people would not accept a shorter season.

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1 hour ago, HardCoreBlue said:

I know hindsight is 20 20 but man why not call a timeout when the Islanders tied it up with a minute and half to go and slow things down and refocus. 

Cuz Maurice is part of the problem this season. And in reality his entire 20 plus year coaching career, hes been a terrible in game decision maker.. Hes slow to adapt.. If the other team changes things up mid game we ******. 

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On 2019-03-29 at 10:13 AM, blue_gold_84 said:

How is he coddling them? It's on the player himself to play a 200 ft. game. Who on the top 6 is doing that well right now, anyway?

A coach bears responsibility but so do the players, especially the ones with an 'A' or 'C' on the jersey. The leaders on this team aren't leading right now.

Sure. So break up 55 and 26 then. Since the leaders aren't leading its time for the Coach to start Coaching... Instead of changing the LW spot every 4 games... Its seriously the only thing he hasn't tried yet.. Why? Afraid it will work? Afraid it won't? Its not working now so why not just try it for a few games. 

Connor Scheif Laine 

Ehlers Hayes Wheeler 

Perreault Little Roslo 

Copp Lowry Tanev. 

Why not try it even? Break up the 2 guys hes refused 2 all year... Not once, was forced to 1 or 2 shifts a few weeks back tho and CSL looked good together. Why not try it? 

Consistent lack of effort is on coaches also.. Yeah the players play a role in that also... The Leaders have been floating and not even pretending to play in their D zone, but..its the coaches job to fix it. 

He hasn't even tried 2. No switching up the LW spot dont count either. Hes coddling 55 and more so 26... Its the only explanation really. Or They have pictures. 

Wheeler is 33... He just  cant play the minutes hes played... Its just part of getting older... Its ok tho.. He can still play but maybe less of a role 5 on 5 would be best for all... Nothing wrong with playing 2nd line minutes plus PP time. 

Maurice needs to recognize this. 

Edited by Goalie

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