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    Ducky reacted to The Unknown Poster in Evander Kane & Bogo Traded to Buffalo   
    Myers and Bogo both have no trade clauses.  Myers kicks in AFTER next season.  Bogo kicks in...at some point but not right now.
    If Kasdorf gets the deal done, great option for Jets since they dont need him.  Also intrigues me that Burmi isnt involved...supposedly Buffalo was close to trading for him two years ago, assuming they'd still like him, means the Jets want to keep him (or see his value higher than Buffalo). 
    if this happens, I will say this about Chevy - he took a Thrashers team with not much in the cupboard and re-stocked it incredibly well in a very short period of time.
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    Ducky reacted to The Unknown Poster in Bob Mckenzie on Evander Kane   
    To be honest I dont think I'd trade even one of those guys for Kessel, including Morrissey.
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    Ducky reacted to The Unknown Poster in Do you think Jets will make any trades now?   
    I see where you're going but Petan isnt going to be a 4th center.  I think they see Lowry as the long term 4th line center with the idea the 4th line can play bigger and better minutes.  Petan will end up as a winger or 3rd line center.  But if they made that trade with Vancouver then Horvat likely slots into the depth chart as 3C.  And with guys like Ehlers, Petan, Kossy etc surrounding them, the long term vision for the team starts to come into view.  5 year plan might have been too optimistic...maybe not for making the playoffs because they *should* make the playoffs this year with the talent they have but when you start rounding the long term outlook into view, things look even better 2-4 years from now.
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    Ducky reacted to Goalie in Game 55 : Avs @ Jets - The losing streak stops tonight   
    8 points combined for buff Scheifs and the beardless Perreault. Great game. Definitely need bottom 6 help tho
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    Ducky got a reaction from blitzmore in Do you think Jets will make any trades now?   
    Enstrom is the best passing D on the team. I hate the pairing of him and Buff though. Buff played D  like a Norris candidate with Chairot so why change things? Leave Enstrom with Bogo. Also, why would you start Hutch against the Stars when Pavs had his best game as a Jet the last time he played the Stars?
    If I were to trade a D man it would be Stuart... replaced on the ice by Harrison (cheaper shorter contract too) and teams will be looking for a leader with his grit for a playoff run.
    Lowry between Kane and Yak would be a nice line. Not as nice as Eberle but I don't think Chevy would part with what Edmonton would want for Eberle.
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    Ducky got a reaction from Goalie in Do you think Jets will make any trades now?   
    I would try to pull Yakupov out of Edmonton....might be able to get him for a 3rd rounder, Burmistrov and Mark Stuart.
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