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Dumb question

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2 hours ago, Super Duper Negatron said:

Received a sweet replica ring for Christmas with display case. Question: does it really just sit loosely on the pedestal in the case? Seems like it would knock off easily. There is a plastic clip but I can't figure out its purpose.


Nice piece! Mine sits nicely. 

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8 minutes ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

How big are the replica rings? Can they actually be worn, or just displayed?

You can wear them but they only come in one size and can't be resized apparently so it really depends on how big your fingers are.

Not a great fit for my sausage fingers (slightly too small for my ring finger and slightly too big for my pinky) so it's more of a display item for me but that was always my intent.


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53 minutes ago, bigg jay said:

The plastic clip holds it in place.  There is a middle piece that lifts slightly to allow the ring to slide down into place.


Thanks for that. I had started there but I didn't slide it all the way into the clip, so it kept popping back out.

What a great keepsake.

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