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  1. In my practice I have had occasion to recommend a "The Healing Code" to several who have had coping struggles. You can skip right to the "how-to" section and it is easy to learn and apply and very effective in most cases.

    1. Noeller


      awesome -- thanks for the tip! I did therapy and meds for about a year and it helped a ton. Have a lot of tools now. Biggest thing for me was ensuring quality sleep every single night. Am on a special med for sleep that literally saved my life. Biggest change in my life is I get a quality night's sleep EVERY night...mental health would be much worse without it!

    2. Tracker


      Insomnia and mental health are intimately connected- enough sleep deprivation and the effects are indistinguishable from psychosis. The approach in the book I recommended has been shown to be very powerful in improving mood disorders. 

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