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  1. Good video here. Go to about the 2:55 mark where he talks about China and Korea with "significantly declining epidemics". 


    1. Dirty30


      Interesting. I’m open to the difference of opinions. Hey like I said in the thread. I hope this is all over hyped. I’m very concerned about our lack of resources. Working in the healthcare system I know first hand that our hospitals struggle with day to day medical conditions. There are nowhere near enough beds, respirators, staff etc...to handle an outbreak never-mind an epidemic/pandemic. I suppose it’s a lot about the unknown. We really don’t know all the true numbers. Considering the criteria to get screened, there is more than likely a greater number that have it and may not even know it. Many who have tested positive have been asymptomatic or have had symptoms for a couple days. Its going to be a day to day thing (even perhaps hour to hour).

      Forbes has the video in their article 



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