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The City of Winnipeg has lost the legal battle against the Manitoba Homebuilder's Association regarding Growth Fees. City now required to refund over $30m in fees to homebuilders in emerging areas col


Wisconsin Vaccine Saboteur Steven Brandenburg Is a Flat-Earther, FBI Document Reveals
-Grafton Police Department
The Wisconsin pharmacist who intentionally sabotaged hundreds of doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine because he thought COVID-19 was a hoax, also believes the earth is flat and the sky is actually a “shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God.”

That’s according to a newly-unsealed FBI search warrant application obtained by The Daily Beast, which the bureau filed earlier this month requesting permission to analyze an iPhone, a laptop, and a thumb drive seized from Steven Brandenburg when he was arrested in late December.

(Makes sense to me)

The QAnon Timeline: Four Years, 5,000 Drops and Countless Failed Prophecies

QAnon is not a static conspiracy theory. Since it first emerged in 2017, it has continuously evolved, focusing on different key topics and adopting elements of other conspiracy theories. As Bellingcat has recently written, this elasticity has been the key to its success.

With the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, QAnon’s faithful are adrift and confused. Their distress has caused some observers to ask whether their cult may collapse entirely. That might be premature. Failed prophecies do not always collapse elaborate conspiracies — if that were true, how could QAnon have endured for four years?

If we cannot predict its end, we can at least trace QAnon from its beginning — looking at all the falsehoods and conspiracies it peddled, from the initial Mueller investigations to the era of COVID-19 and the last days of the Donald Trump presidency.

The QAnon Timeline: Four Years, 5,000 Drops and Countless Failed Prophecies - bellingcat

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Amazon.com Inc agreed to pay more than $61.7 million to settle allegations it cheated Amazon Flex drivers out of nearly one-third of tips from customers for more than two years, the Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday.



Jeff needs that money.

those drivers would waste it anyway, on food, clothing, rent.


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Jeff is stepping down.



Amazon.com Inc.’s business hit a new level in 2020, and apparently it was enough to convince founder Jeff Bezos it was time to put someone else in charge.

Bezos announced Tuesday afternoon that he will step down as CEO in the third quarter of 2021 and Amazon Web Services head Andy Jassy will take over. In the same release, Bezos revealed that Amazon AMZN, +1.11% sales topped $100 billion in a quarter for the first time and earnings reached a record level for the third consecutive quarter, capping a record-breaking year.


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McKinsey To Pay $573 Million For Role In Opioid Crisis: Reports

The global business consulting firm McKinsey & Company has agreed to a $573 million settlement over its role in advising companies on how to “supercharge” opioid sales amid an overdose crisis, a person with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The person was not authorized to speak publicly about the deal ahead of Thursday’s planned announcement and filings in courts in 47 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories.

McKinsey did not immediately respond to a call or email from the AP Wednesday night.

Without naming McKinsey, the attorneys general in at least North Carolina and West Virginia have scheduled announcements for Thursday morning regarding the opioid crisis. And Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement that the state would file a consent decree Thursday involving McKinsey “that will result in corporate reforms and more than $13 million to Washington state for opioid treatment, prevention and recovery efforts.” Ferguson said that was separate from the multistate deal.

Most of the money in the national settlement, which was first reported by The New York Times, would be sent to the states in less than a year, and would be used to abate the national overdose crisis. Prescription opioids and illegal ones such as heroin and illicit fentanyl combined have been linked to the deaths of more than 470,000 Americans since 2000. And the epidemic has deepened amid the coronavirus pandemic.

McKinsey To Pay $573 Million For Role In Opioid Crisis: Reports | HuffPost

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Lawyer sues critics after backlash against his comments on women and race (msn.com)




In his application, Hamza calls for the recusal of any judge assigned to hear the case who is not a “red Indian” and therefore a "colonizer.”

He also wants the court to declare the law society a "racist and failed institution” and state it has no jurisdiction over the private lives of lawyers.

"The purpose of these complaints is clearly to punish Mr. Hamza, as the complainants know the procedure is punitive and expect no repercussions from it," he states.

Hamza also wants the courts to rule he has the right to declare non-confidence in the law society, and that he should not have to pay fees to it as it is "useless" to him.

The plaintiff seeks more than $200,000 in various damages from the defendants, which besides the law society and Rocheleau, include three others.


Good luck. 

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1 hour ago, Brandon said:


Lady uses gorilla glue in her hair and now wants to sue.... also somehow raised 17000 dollars on gofundme.... 

That should cover the cost of a Stanford Binet test and therapy, but there is no fix for stoopid.

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