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18 hours ago, johnzo said:


King's X!  Awesome band, and Pillow is probably my favorite song of theirs.  Very good taste you have, there is hope for AtlanticRiderFan yet!    ;)

Indeed, I love that song. I'm a sucker for those crunchy riffs :) . Also one of my favourite vocal performances too.

Such an underrated band. One of the best hard rock acts out there, IMO.

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The Regular show music is written by Mark Mothersbaugh, who was one of the members of  "Devo"


noticed/remembered that Hailey Reinhardt, was a finalist on American Idol five or so years ago.... great singer, (as she demonstrates in that youtube video)  she was a bit full of herself..... but then why not....

I liked the second singer a little more, both are really good. 

It's tricky to rearrange pop tunes, specially such famous ones, without it sounding cornball but they were able to do it.

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