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I loved Night Court. Cheers and Night Court were an awesome combo.    RIP Harry Anderson. 

Nope it should be 3 guys who identify as 3 lady witches... 

My wife watches Hallmark movies and literally they are all interchangeable with the exact same beautiful white female lead with perfect hair who lives in a massive house that's immaculately decorated


26 minutes ago, iHeart said:

This is going to be the best of the lot. 

FAWS was meh, with bad writing. Cool to see some stuff and the plot was moved along but not much else. 

WandaVision was interesting but not great. Good things can come of it down the road. Fun but not much else. 

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20 minutes ago, Noeller said:

I enjoyed the first two series enough...I was surprised that people apparently don't like FAWS. I'll take any excuse to get more MCU storyline furthered....stoked for Black Widow....gotta keep the damn soap opera rolling. 

FAWS was poorly written and didn't make sense. But, I liked some of the ideas they introduced. The action scenes were cool and I'm glad we got some closure on some things. 

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17 minutes ago, 17to85 said:

Yeah FAWS (apparently that's how we shorten it?) Botched their execution. It was all over the map and never gave a satisfactory resolution to anything. To much going on. 

I liked wandavision a lot more even if they too wasted some of their potential at the end.

I was being lazy. Please don't report me to the MCU police, as I have no idea what the shortened form is. 

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I have a bad feeling that this show is going to have problems staying focused in season 4

Sounds like we'll find out sometime this summer



Why didn't they just shutter this time slot instead?


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