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The TV Thread

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you know I have said before that any series that didn't have a decent or good ending should have a revival (thank god Glee had a happy ending)



and Last Man Standing will end for good next season



and Reba's going to return to tv



and that wonderful time of the year....where I wish I didn't have Cable


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My wife watches Hallmark movies and literally they are all interchangeable with the exact same beautiful white female lead with perfect hair who lives in a massive house that's immaculately decorated and clean all while being a single mother.  She meets a guy who is clean shaven also in perfect shape with a male model face who is sweet and who she never appreciates until 10 minutes left at the end of the movie when she realizes that true happiness is being who she is and with that guy who loves her for who she is.  She will then either decline taking that corporate job in the big city and/or dump her current boyfriend who doesn't truly love her and either way end up with the male model and everyone is happy.    It appears that they use different actors but I can never tell them apart they all look the same. 

I think I've seen her watch at least 20 movies from hallmark with that exact same plot. 

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35 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

They filmed one @ Southdale RecCentre about a month+ ago when it was 30c. So much fake snow.

They were filming one on Saturday at the Hydro building. 

(I'm guessing it was, I don't have the production schedule anymore but the size of the crew was consistent with a movie.)

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