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Season half done,Team awards

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33 minutes ago, Blue_Dragoon said:

My picks to this point:

Offensive MVP - Collaros

Defensive MVP - Nichols

Top Canadian - Thomas

Top rookie - Schoen

Top O-lineman - Bryant

Top Special Teams - Grant

Overall MVP - Collaros


MOP: Collaros

MODP: Biggie (by a mile) 

MOC: Thomas or Legghio 

MOR:  Schoen (tho Rutledge deserves consideration) 

MOOL: Bryant 

MOST: Legghio

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1 hour ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

Waaaaaay too early for this. Damn, you'll jinx us. 

It’s our team awards at the halfway point. How is this a jinx?

Offensive MVP: Collaros

Defensive MVP: Bighill

Top Canadian: Thomas

Top rookie: Schoen

Top O-lineman: Big Stan

Top Special Teams: Grant

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Offensive = Collaros 

Defensive = Jefferson 

Canadian = Wolitarsky at this point 

Rookie = duh Schoen 

Oline I'm gonna go Bryant here 

Sp Teams Legghio 

Overall nobody honestly stands out so I'll go Oshea 

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On 2022-08-05 at 7:19 PM, Nolby said:

Offensive MVP

Defensive MVP

Top Canadian

Top rookie

Top O-lineman 

Top Special Teams

Overall MVP

Add other potential departments if I've missed any



Offense: Collaros 

defense: Bighill

canadian: Woli (Fatboi Jake in close second)

rookie: Schoen

o-line: Big Stan

teams: Liegghio


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MOP: Collaros

MODP: Nichols ... anyone who pays attention knows I'm not the biggest Bighill guy out there, but even still, I think having a guy that you literally cannot throw on is invaluable. He'll never get the stats to get the respect but how do you rate a guy who can basically eliminate the other team's number 1 weapon?

MOC: Oliviera

MOL: Hardrick

MOSTP: Grant

MOR: Schoen

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