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2021/22 - CFL Offseason - Non-Back-to-Back Grey Cup Champion Thread


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31 minutes ago, Throw Long Bannatyne said:

I doubt Dinwiddie just traded Arbuckle without lengthy discussion, it certainly looks like Arbuckle did not want to share the QB position with MBT, or back him up and likely chose the trade option instead of showing patience.

Salary was also a factor, just found this.


Money also factored in the decision. John Murphy, Toronto's vice-president of player personnel, said the club couldn't afford to pay two quarterbacks as if they were starters, especially as more of Toronto's injured veterans become healthy and are ready to return.

``Having two starting quarterbacks was a really good concept until this point,'' he said. ``You can't successfully put your best ''A`` roster out there if at the same time you're paying two starting quarterbacks.''




So, Murphy made the choice & not Dinwiddie? I never liked the guy. He's been an asshat wherever he went. 

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49 minutes ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

That may have pooched his career. Depends if the CFL rescinds his indefinite suspension as it could become permanent. He had to know what he did would not turn out well & he still went off. Those fans were asshats but still...

It's asshats all the way down.  No one looks good in that situation but I would never hire someone without the self control to avoid fighting fans. Like seriously. Guy deserves to be black balled from the cfl.

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On 2021-12-18 at 9:26 PM, Noeller said:



I feel bad for Steinhauer... that would've been a dream job for him... but this is great news for the cats and the CFL... we want good people/coaches like this in our league

16 hours ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

He literally stole that from Rod Black. Old joke. 

I believe that origin of that joke was former Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis... his nickname was "The Lawfirm"


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glad he back...and I sure he glad to keep building on the last 2 seasons...continuity is key...look at the last 3-4 years and total lack of circus and wtf moments with the organization....such a nice change from the dark ages...which are still too damn close i the rear view for my liking...and nothing beats being a model flagship organization in the league where u bet all other 8 teams are trying to replicate

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47 minutes ago, JCon said:

Chris Jones will certainly help that org gain respectability. 


New name same old pile of crap in Edmonton. 

Feel bad for tg. He deserves his own team. But I love having him back. 

To be fair tg probably planned on building a high character team and the Edmonton 0fers knew it'd take twice as long to build if they had to cut the trash guys. 

Jones walks in for an interview immediately rips off his shirt and flexes. 

Edm execs ...bro


Edm execs you're hired bro.

Jones I know bro. Let's do this again in 3 years bro. 

3 minutes ago, Arnold_Palmer said:

After what Chris Jones pulled in Edmonton I’m shocked they would ever allow him to step foot in that organization again. 

Says all you need to know about the execs in edm

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8 minutes ago, Brandon said:

Well Buono said that he would prefer a person with experience as a GM ,  so it's not surprising. 

Apparently not his first choice and the board went in another direction. The one thing with Chris Jones is he does win, do people like how he does it no but he does win a lot.

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