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2022 Off Season - Back 2 Back Champs Edition


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11 hours ago, Bigblue204 said:

I've heard that Eli won't be back. Apparently guys where pretty disappointed with him and there has been little to no contact since the WF.

It's too bad, really talented guy. Who I thought they'd bring back regardless of vax status. But looks like both parties are moving on.

3rd party and further down information is worth about as much as pre season rider Grey Cup parade plans. Probably less. 

Cbd and weed will be pro sports legal in my life time. With out question. 


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8 minutes ago, wbbfan said:

Doesn't get much worse either way. Boltus wasn't a pro caliber qb on his best day. Brown can't even handle the ball. They are both soo bad their is no worse tier below either. 

Mourtada might be as bad as a kicker. 

Easy now, Mourtada actually made some of his field goals and converts... kickoffs were good  Boltus and Brown had 99 percent of their plays range from ineffective to spectacularly bad.

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4 minutes ago, BBlink said:

Who do y'all think will be the first major signing? 

Potty McWeedhead, if this thread is any indication. 


I think we have a bunch already close to signing but Walters is trying to get the big ones done. If everyone is taking a bit less than the market, then he'll try to get them at the same time. 

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50 minutes ago, Mark H. said:

All of you potheads...need to sort yourselves out. 

Waiting for posts to be pulled so the fire is put out before it starts. 😁

And where is Whiteout when we need a fresh perspective on this topic?

But to bring this back to football, and big signings, do we target any big free agents, or just try to keep our current team as intact as possible. Lucky Whitehead would be an interesting grab, and his appearance at the West Final certainly meant something, no? But could we afford him without losing a key piece elsewhere. Would be a huge replacement for maybe Darvin Adams. 

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1 hour ago, 17to85 said:

They say Blue Bombers yet their pants are clearly green... boy I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder

BREAKING NEWS: The Blue Bombers will be changing their uniforms and will be modelled after the Miami Dolphins. Still better than these ones:


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10 hours ago, Geebrr said:



That team getting on the bus are the "Barleyjacks", who are all quitting their league to "try their luck in the CFL". At least we got a shout out instead of the Riders...


9 hours ago, rebusrankin said:

I blame Ole Gil for this screw up.

One of the best. Ole Gil....almost makes a sale...

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