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2021: Preseason Game 4 - @Canucks

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Sunday(Tonight) 6PM, SN



Who needs to show up? 

With Harkins and Toninato looking to have secured 2 of the 4 open spots and Svech ahead of Vesa, I would say Vesa is at the top of the list and if you have a hate=on for Comrie then here's hoping Berdin gets a shutout :D

And what of Gus and Nash? 🤔


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Gus making his ahl wingers look good.  Damn shame Nash is gonna make it over him. I'd say.. it's bullshit 

Nice to see Maurice playing Beaulieu more than Stan kovy Ville and Gawanke. Nice to see Nash doubling Gus in time of Ice. 

Just saying... some things never change 

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On 2021-10-03 at 9:35 PM, Jimmy from Lockport said:

I didn't think PLD or Copp had a strong game by any means.

I thought DeMelo had a great game...coaches' porn.

Nash is making the team because of his D numbers and he is a very good PKer.....oh ya, and his salary.

Kovs is a real up and comer from what I've seen so far.

Now let me google coaches porn and see what comes up . . .

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