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The Toyko Summer Olympics Thread

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5 hours ago, iHeart said:

well the IOC has announced that the 2032 games will be going back to Australia, this time it'll be in Brisbane

That's quite early. Normally they don't pick host cities until about 7-8 years before.

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2 hours ago, iHeart said:

And Team Canada has it's first Medal of the games, it's silver in the Women's 4x100m freestyle but it's a start

Well nobody was catching Australia in that one, so nothing wrong with the Silver.

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8 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

No interest in these games. Totally selfish move by the IOC & completely irresponsible to hold them. Don't plan on watching even a minute. 

Yeah I had no interest... and then I turned some on and I'm hooked. I am just a sports junkie and will watch any sporting event.

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7 minutes ago, iHeart said:

Well no matter how we do in this olympics we need to remember that we have the Winter Olympics coming up in a little more than 6 months...how is China's COVID situation right now?

Gotta be good right with 1 billion people? 🙄

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