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2021 Blue Bombers Training Camp/Pre-Season Stuff

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Nice to hear Harris was back taking reps today. I'm sure at this rate he will be ready to start for the season. But I'm sure we are gonna see less reliance on Harris and more split carries than ever. 

 Wish we could see dru brown in a pre season game. 

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Sounds like we're going to start seeing what life looks like without Andrew Harris in the backfield. Fortunately it sounds like Buck's offense is a bit more geared to the receivers and that we have quite a few guys that can carry the ball

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3 hours ago, M.O.A.B. said:

after Briggs and Gauthier, we only have rookies Cadwallader and Lowes (who is currently not practicing). this pickup is for ST for sure and 13 ST tackles is music in O’Shea’s ears.

good job on this stuff, thanks. 


also, site says I am a collaborator. not sure I like that. better post more for a while

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