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2021 NHL Playoffs

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2 minutes ago, GCJenks said:

My best friend for the last 25 years lives in Toronto but has been a lifelong Habs fan. Until a short while ago we cheered for the same teams. Now we have agreed to put our friendship on hold until we can cheer together again. 

A fan's gotta do what a fan gotta do.

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13 minutes ago, do or die said:

That was some disappearing act from "Magic" Marner.....

Reminds me of the player Merlin Malinowski.  His nickname was "The Magician".  Don Cherry, who coached him, said that the only reason he was called "the Magician" was because of how he disappeared in the playoffs.  Good job Mitch Marner - you have a great path to follow.

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4 minutes ago, do or die said:

Remember the good ole days when Leaf fans were talking about how M&M were an unstoppable force and Simmonds, Thornton, and Foligno had given them character and new-found truculence?

Like, 2 weeks ago. 


More like being run over by a truck.

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7 hours ago, wanna-b-fanboy said:



We’ve had to modify out agreement a little. The suspension of our friendship doesn’t start until puck drop. Having too much fun mocking the Laffs this morning.

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the dapper moustache style matthews is straight out of a seventies ibm corporate office.

worst then, worst now.

he sure looked uninterested.


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